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Bigots Who Rock: an ADL List of Hate Music Groups
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Bigots Who Rock: an ADL List of Hate Music Groups RULE

Racists and anti-Semites, including well-known organized hate groups, increasingly use hateful rock music to draw young people to their cause. According to one survey, more than 12 percent of young people in Sweden admit that they listen to hate rock. Resistance Records, the leading American hate rock record label and distributor, reportedly ships about 50 orders each day, with each order worth about $70. Owned by leading American neo-Nazi group the National Alliance, Resistance may gross more than $1 million this year. Hate rock concerts in the United States regularly draw many hundreds of attendees, and similar concerts in Germany have attracted more than 2,000 people.

Since the 1960s, when racist country music singer Johnny Rebel recorded songs such as "Nigger Hatin' Me," more than 500 hate rock bands have formed worldwide. Nearly all of these groups were formed after 1982, when the late British singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ian Stuart Donaldson turned his band Skrewdriver into a mouthpiece for hate. A significant number of these bands play or have played "Oi," the style of punk rock associated with Skrewdriver and other early hate rock groups (the term "Oi" was a common greeting in the British Cockney dialect during the 1970s). Other bands perform a racist take on other forms of punk (such as hardcore) and heavy metal (such as thrash metal and black metal). The genre known as NSBM -- National Socialist Black Metal -- has become popular in recent years.

Mainstream hard rock bands may look and sound similar to hate rock bands, and a mainstream band may have a name similar to, or even the same as, that of a hate rock band. When determining how concerned they should be about what their sons and daughters are listening to, parents, educators, and other concerned adults must learn to tell the difference between bands promoting bigotry and those that merely appeal to teenage rebelliousness. Similarly, law enforcement and community leaders need to discern if concerts happening in their area are hate rock events that may draw violent skinheads and other dangerous extremists, or simply innocuous musical gatherings. For these reasons, ADL has compiled the following list of 541 hateful music groups.

Most of the bands on the list are based in Europe, but their recordings are widely available, via the Internet and mail order, to listeners in the United States. A number of them, including Pluton Svea from Sweden, have played concerts in the U.S. Though some of the bands on the list are no longer active, they are still discussed in the hate movement, and in most cases their recordings remain available. As new bands appear on the scene, this list will be updated.

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