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Hate On Display: A Visual Database of
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About the Symbols
The Importance of Understanding These Symbols

It is important for community groups, schools, religious institutions and law enforcement agencies to recognize these symbols and what they mean. Through knowledge of hate symbols, teachers and community leaders may be able to identify hate group members in their neighborhoods who try to recruit young people to their cause via publications, fliers, music and the Internet. Teachers and community leaders may also be able to identify individuals who are involved in racist and anti-Semitic incidents. Likewise, law enforcement officials with knowledge of hate symbols may be able to classify graffiti on churches, synagogues, or schools as hate crimes because of their association with racist or anti-Semitic ideology.

Being able to identify and understand these symbols also allows teachers, law enforcement and others in the community to be vigilant against haters who use them to intimidate and frighten others.
















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