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White Power Music




"White power" music is the focal point for many racist skinheads seeking a common culture. These skinheads, from the U.S. and abroad, attend concerts where white power bands belt out songs that attack and dehumanize Blacks, Jews and other minorities. The names of these bands -- Extreme Hatred, Angry Aryans, and Aggravated Assault -- reveal the hostile ideology that drives them. These bands create their own logos and proudly display them on CDs that glorify violence against minorities, in particular Jews.

White power "Oi!" music really has had a notable presence in the United States only since the mid-1980s. It was born out of a skinhead and punk music subculture that made its way into this country from Great Britain in the mid-1970s. At first quite raw in its quality and promotion, the white power music scene has evolved into a well-marketed tool to tap into alienated and often violent youth in the United States, Europe and other countries. Hate groups have been successful in using white power music to recruit these young people into the white supremacist movement by giving them a sense of power and belonging. The lyrics are angry and vicious, the authors directing their wrath against Jews and non-whites -- the people they blame for society's ills and the failings in their own lives. White power band members are typically covered with tattoos ranging from various neo-Nazi symbols to other more general racist symbols and slogans.

Resistance Records, Panzerfaust Records, Tri-State Terror and Imperium Records are some of the better-known labels that currently sell this particularly odious music through their publications and on their Web sites. Skrewdriver, Blue Eyed Devils, Bound for Glory, Rahowa, Extreme Hatred, Angry Aryans, Aggravated Assault, Nordic Thunder, Blood and Honour, Brutal Attack, Berserkr and Max Resist are some of the better-known white power bands. It is obvious from several of these groups' record covers on this page, they go out of their way to be violent and shocking both in their illustrations and in their titles.

Examples of White Power Music CD Covers
White Power Music -- RAHOWA
White Power Music -- Keep It White
White Power Music -- White Pride World Wide
White Power Music -- Skrewdriver
White Power Music -- Nordic Thunder
White Power Music -- Brutal Attack
White Power Music -- White Pride World Wide

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