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Racist Acronym

Also Known As

Our Race is Our Nation

Traditional Use/Origins


Hate Group/Extremist Organization

White supremacists; neo-Nazis; racist skinheads.

Extremist Meaning or Representation

"Our Race Is Our Nation" is a racist slogan that emphasizes that racial ties are paramount to all else. Within the United States, for example, a white supremacist might use it to suggest that he or she owes allegiance to his or her race, rather than to the United States itself. White supremacists in other countries may use it similarly. In an international context, it can be used to suggest that all white people, whether from Europe or the United States or elsewhere, are one "nation," opposed and superior to all other races.


The slogan "Our Race Is Our Nation" is used by a variety of groups. Christian Identity adherents like it because it is compatible with their belief that white people are descended from the ancient tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. There is even an Identity Ku Klan Klan group, based in Alabama, known as the "Orion Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." It is also used among neo-Nazis and racist skinheads. The Canadian white supremacist group Heritage Front adopted the slogan as its official motto.

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