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Symbol Type

Neo-Nazi Symbol
Skinhead Symbol

Symbol Description

Three "sevens" (or "curved" sevens) spiraling from a common center.

Also Known As

Triskelion, Three-Bladed Swastika, "Flowering Power"

Traditional Use/Origins

The triskele is an ancient symbol used widely in pre-Christian Europe. One version of the triskele, with three human legs, has been used in the coat of arms for the Isle of Man and the Kingdom of Naples. An abstracted triskele appears on the seal of the United States Department of Transportation. The version of the triskele that looks like three linked sevens has a high degree of association with white supremacy, but other versions do not and are most often used in a non-racist context. They may frequently be seen in Celtic jewelry, artwork, and in other similar contexts.

Hate Group/Extremist Organization

Neo-Nazis, racist skinheads (especially those associated with the group Blood & Honour); AWB Afrikaner Resistance

Extremist Meaning or Representation

White supremacy; association with the swastika and Nazi Germany.


Essentially a variation on the swastika, and popular for that reason, the triskele was a symbol occasionally used by the Nazi regime, most notably as the insignia for a Waffen SS division composed of Belgian volunteers. After World War II, the "Three Sevens" version of the triskele was popularized by white supremacists in Europe and South Africa. One South African group, the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance Movement), used it as its flag, claiming that the three sevens symbolized supremacy over the devil (frequently represented by "666"). The symbol is also used as part of the logo of the international racist skinhead group, Blood & Honour.

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