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The Hidden Child Our mission is to educate all people about the consequences of bigotry and hatred so that never again will anyone suffer the atrocity, the injustice and the agony of the Holocaust.
The Hidden Child Foundation/ADL Speakers Bureau
  • We were children during the Holocaust. We survived by hiding our Jewish identity in convents, orphanages, with strangers and on the run. We hid in haylofts, forests, basements and sewers. We were in ghettos and concentration camps. We were left to fend for ourselves, wandering in search of food and shelter.

  • One and a half million Jewish children were murdered during the Holocaust. Approximately 11% survived of European Jews survived the Second World War.

The major focus of The Speaker's Bureau of the Hidden Child Foundation is education. Through our speaker's bureau, we tell the stories of our survival to thousands of young people in schools and other institutions. We alert them to the consequences of bigotry, racism and persecution, so that no people or nation will ever again suffer the evil, injustice and agony of the Holocaust.

The Hidden Child Foundation/ADL Speakers Bureau is proud to present more than 80 Holocaust survivors, all of whom were children during the Holocaust, and are now available to speak of their wartime experiences to your educational, religious or community organization. We can

  • Recommend and provide speakers for schools, religious and civic groups.
  • Help form support groups for Hidden Children worldwide.
  • Publish the "Hidden Child Newsletter" and the quarterly "Metro" newsletter
  • Collaborate with filmmakers, journalists and writers on work dealing with the Hidden Child phenomenon.
  • Distribute Holocaust materials to individuals and institutions on request.

Our Speakers Bureau chiefly serves the Metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. However, for speakers in other areas of the United States, please contact us or your regional ADL office


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