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The Hidden Child Our mission is to educate all people about the consequences of bigotry and hatred so that never again will anyone suffer the atrocity, the injustice and the agony of the Holocaust.
The Hidden Child Foundation

From 1939 to 1945, all Jewish children in Nazi-occupied countries were hunted and threatened with death. To survive, we had to go into hiding or keep our true identity secret Many of us were left to fend for ourselves, wandering in search of food and shelter. We hid in convents, orphanages, haylofts, woods, basements and sewers.

The horrors of war in Nazi-dominated Europe were for many of us our first images of reality. But we were thought to have been "too young" to be affected by our experiences, the "lucky ones" -- because we survived. This lack of recognition compounded our trauma. Nevertheless, the strength and resiliency of the human spirit is such that many of us have transformed our adversities into creative acts and have grown to become valued members of society.

We hope to reach all former Hidden Children. As the last survivors, we must tell our tragic stories - for now and for the future, we must bear witness to the Holocaust

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