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Using the Internet as an organizational tool, the Imperial Klans of America - the largest Ku Klux Klan group - and the Hammerskin Nation - the most violent and best-organized neo-Nazi skinhead group - have staged successful hate rock concerts, drawing attendees from faraway places. The success of hate rock concerts demonstrates the benefits of careful, long-term event coordination online

Nordic Fest

Over three days in May 2000, the Imperial Klans of America (IKA) held a concert and rally, Nordic Fest, in Powderly, Kentucky. Co-sponsored by the hate rock record label Panzerfaust Records, the event featured hate rock bands, vendors, tattoo artists, food, guest speakers, and a swastika lighting.

Extremists viewed information about Nordic Fest at a password-protected Web site. The site provided a list of area motels, directions to the area via train and plane, and a rundown of the vendors selling their wares, among other information.

Potential attendees from more than two dozen states, as well as other nations, coordinated transportation to the event using the guestbook at this site (a guestbook is one kind of electronic bulletin board). More than a dozen extremists volunteered to provide car rides; more than two dozen messages contained requests for such rides.

These messages evinced a spirit of cooperation among extremists, and it seems that those who posted messages would not have connected with each other had they not gone online.

If any people out in Southern Ca [sic] are going and wanna split the gas cost I will surely go.

Anyone want a ride?
Brandon - Southern California

I’m really happy this will be going on, about 5 of us coming from Chicago why the hell is it that I don’t know any of the people that signed here who are from Chicago? Let’s unite!!!

The IKA Web site claims that 383 people attended Nordic Fest despite "3 days of rain," and the group held another Nordic Fest in May 2001. Potential attendees seeking or offering transportation again posted messages to an online guestbook.

Help. I am in desperate need of a ride to nordic fest. I will help out with gas, beer, food, or what have you. !!!
Jon Doe of North Carolina

if you are from Charlotte or west towards the mountains or can get a ride into charlotte…I might be able to arrange something for you so drop me a line.
Will V.

Following the event, the IKA Web site exclaimed, "This years [sic] Nordic Fest-2001 was Great! Everyone had a very nice time... Start making your plans to be here for next years [sic] Nordic Fest-2002."


In October 2000, the Hammerskin Nation sponsored Hammerfest, a hate rock concert and skinhead convention in Draketown, Georgia. Bands performing at Hammerfest included Brutal Attack, White Wash, Dying Breed, Extreme Hatred, Code of Violence, and Hatecrime, all of which play hard rock music with racist lyrics.

"There is absolutely no excuse (minus death or babies) that you cannot attend the greatest musical event of our times," asserted the staff of Panzerfaust Records when announcing Hammerfest online in July 2000. "This event will include some of the greatest White Power bands on the globe and it will be held on private property with a restaurant, beer store, and round the clock security."

A few months later, another message for those interested in coming to Hammerfest appeared in the "Upcoming Events" section of the Stormfront Web site. This message provided essential logistical information to potential event attendees, including advice on which airport to fly into, information about camping on the site of the concert, and guidance on which items to bring (beer) and which to leave at home (drugs, weapons).

Most significantly, the message told interested parties exactly how to find Hammerfest. "The exact location will not be disclosed until the weekend of the concert," explained the Hammerskins. "Flyers will be distributed at area motels in Bremen, beginning Friday before the show. A cell phone will also be activated for people to contact, for directions, in case you were unable to meet up with people at the motels in town. This number will be released in October."

Hammerskin Nation maintained a number of online bulletin boards where extremists considering attending Hammerfest shared information. In answer to a question about where to stay on a tight budget, ChicagoSkin88 suggested that concertgoers "find a hotel and sleep in the lobby or find someone" that is "having a party after" and "crash there."

Hey, I’m in New York City and I need a ride down to Hammerfest 2000, "If anyone in the area can give me a ride down, I’d chip in a lot of gas and also hotel if you want.

I will be passing thru [sic] Atlanta on the Friday night before the Fest,Anyone needing a ride from the airport or the bus station, let me know.
Wartooth -- Oslo, Norway

When chaos88 from the Netherlands wondered who from "Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium" would rent a hotel room with him, he got the following aswer"

There are about ten Dutch Hammerskins going to Hammerfest…Give us your private E-mail address and we’ll talk

A few days after Hammerfest, Vinland Records sent a message to its mailing list that proclaimed Hammerfest “a huge success!!!” Approximately 300 people attended the event

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