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The Consequences of Right-Wing Extremism on the Internet RULE
Making Money Online

Using the Internet helps extremists meet their financial needs in a variety of ways. Right-wing extremists

Extremists need funding to accomplish their goals. Though using the Internet is inexpensive, purchasing weapons, renting space for events, printing literature, and traveling often involve substantial costs. Likewise, foregoing conventional work requires an alternate source of income. Full-time extremists who desire financial independence must earn enough income from their activism.

Like many other Americans, extremists quickly recognized the significant benefits of doing business online. Internet businesses can keep track of their sales and customers more easily, and they reach a vast number of potential buyers, including shoppers in other countries, 24 hours a day. Online, merchants verify credit cards more quickly and easily, and they no longer need to spend time and effort typing card numbers written on order forms into their computers. Most significantly, Internet businesses need neither brick-and-mortar storefronts nor catalogs. These advantages are particularly useful to extremists, who often have difficulty finding printers willing to produce their catalogs and stores willing to stock their products.

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