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Beyond inspiring their readers to commit crimes, propagandists on the far-right fringe have used the Internet to explain exactly how to commit many crimes.

With a click of the mouse, extremist readers can learn about marketing scams, or discover how to use "paper terrorism" techniques such as filing specious liens. Significantly, extremists online also teach each other how to engage in violent crime.

Bomb Making

Instructions for making bombs and other terrorist tools are readily available online to all types of extremists, and many white supremacist Web sites have either posted bomb-making instructions or linked to such material.

In 1999, British neo-Nazi David Copeland planted nail bombs in a Black neighborhood, an Indian area, and a gay pub in London, killing three and injuring more than a hundred. Copeland later wrote, "I bombed the blacks, Pakiís [sic], [and] Degenerates," and he boasted, "I would of [sic] bombed the Jews as well if I got a chance." A court handed Copeland six life sentences for his crimes. He had learned how to build his bombs by visiting a cybercafe, where he downloaded The Terrorist Handbook and How to Make Bombs: Book Two from the Internet.

"Explosives are very effective in our cause," writes "Death Dealer," the anonymous creator of the racist skinhead site Better than Auschwitz. "They should be deployed more." Better than Auschwitz includes pictures of bombing victims and detailed bombmaking instructions. 

Instructions for Weapons Use

In addition,  Better than Auschwitz features instructions for using knives and brass knuckles in fights against minorities, as well as tips for hand-to-hand combat. A "Nigger Baiting Made Easy" section describes "the various methods of selecting muds and queers, and getting them to fight, or throw the first punch." Such material resembles the instructions White Aryan Resistance gave the skinheads of East Side White Pride before their violent rampage in Portland.

Providing Hit Lists

Online, extremists may find guidance not only on how to attack, but also who to attack. Anti-government sites frequently post information about judges, law enforcement officers, and other government officials. Alongside graphics dripping with blood and links to sites calling the murder of abortion providers "justifiable," the Nuremberg Files Web site supplies detailed personal information about doctors who allegedly provide abortions, including their social security numbers, license plate numbers, and home addresses. The list of doctors reads like a list of targets for assassination. Names listed in plain black lettering are still "working"; those printed in "Greyed-out" letters are "wounded"; and those names that are crossed out ("Strikethrough") indicate doctors who have been murdered ("fatality"). At the site, the name of Dr. Barnett Slepian, who was murdered in his upstate New York home by a sniper in 1998, was crossed-out within hours of his death, indicating that he had become a "fatality."


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