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War in Iraq
ADL Statement on War in Iraq
Posted: March 21, 2003

We express our support for the United States Government in its effort to stop Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and the danger he poses to the stability and safety of the region.

ADL resolution on Iraq
The need to stop Saddam Hussein is clear. Over a decade after the Gulf War, the President of Iraq continues to be a major threat to American allies in the Middle East, as well as to the Western world. Iraq continues to develop and stockpile unconventional weapons, including chemical and biological warfare. Iraq continues to be a state sponsor of terrorism, providing bases for numerous terrorist organizations. Iraq also encourages terrorist attacks against Israel by providing money to the families of suicide bombers. Iraq has repeatedly ignored and contravened United Nations Security Council resolutions and thwarted attempts by weapons inspectors to have access to facilities where weapons might be developed and stockpiled.

Over a decade ago, the international community came together in a coalition to remove the Iraqi army from Kuwait and end Iraqi beligerency. It is clear that the campaign undertaken by the Gulf War coalition has yet to be completed.

As the nation goes to war, our thoughts and prayers are with the United States Armed Forces.

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