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  U.S. Anti-Israel Activity 
Khalil Bendib

Cartoons (Slide Show)
Background on the Publications

Khalil Bendib, a Berkeley-based Muslim-American artist and cartoonist, has disseminated anti-Semitic English language political cartoons since the 1980s. Like cartoons appearing in newspapers across the Arab world featuring anti-Semitic caricatures and motifs, Bendib's have employed a wide range of classic anti-Semitic images, commentary and ugly stereotypes.

Bendib has portrayed Jews as demonic-looking, crooked-nosed blood-thirsty killers, and Israelis as monolithic, malicious schemers plotting to control the planet. He has perpetuated the blood libel accusation, rehashed Jewish conspiracy theories, trivialized the Holocaust and blamed Israel, Zionists and the American Israel lobby for much of the world's ills. His cartoons often compare Israel to Nazi Germany and portray Israel as a racist and apartheid state. 

Bendib expanded on the anti-Semitic and conspiratorial messages in his cartoons during a September 2010 radio interview with Kevin Barrett, an anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theorist. During the program, Bendib described the U.S. as a plutocracy where Zionists and Jews control the government, the media and big money. He argued that despite “some tendency toward democracy" the U.S. has gone the other way because “Zionists…have such incredible power that they are able to galvanize all the forces of evil [who] will really commit genocide after genocide...”  

Bendib's cartoons have been published primarily in Arab and Muslim community publications, including Arab American News, The Muslim Observer, Southern California Infocus and the now defunct Minaret. His cartoons have also appeared in various left-wing and alternative online media outlets and in several anti-Israel advertisements purchased by the Council for the National Interest (CNI) in the New York Times.

The Inter Press Service, a progressive news service agency, distributes his cartoons to about 2,000 small U.S. newspapers, according to Bendib. Advertisements for his work claim that his cartoons have appeared in mainstream publications as well, including USA Today, Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

 Slideshow: Khalil Bendibís Cartoons
Khalil Bendib, a Berkeley-based Muslim-American artist and cartoonist, has disseminated anti-Semitic and anti-Israel English language political cartoons since the 1990s.
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