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  U.S. Anti-Israel Activity 
Khalil Bendib
Background on the Publications

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Background on the Publications
  • The Arab American News, a dual language—English and Arabic—weekly, has a history of publishing anti-Semitic articles. Published out of Dearborn, Michigan, the newspaper, founded in 1984, claims to be “the largest, oldest and most respected Arab American newspaper in the United States.” The newspaper’s founding publisher and editor-in-chief is Osama Siblani, who has expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

  • The Minaret, defunct since 2005, was published by the Islamic Center of Southern California, a Los Angeles mosque and community organization. The Minaret has published articles and editorials comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and blaming Zionism of conspiring against Islam. The Muslim Public Affairs Council’s (MPAC) founding director and senior advisor Maher Hathout served as president of Multimedia Vera International, the Minaret distributor. Hathout was also a regular columnist for the magazine until it folded. Aslam Adullah, MPAC’s former vice chairman, was the Minaret’s editor-in-chief and registered agent for Multimedia Vera International. In addition, Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC executive director, used to serve on the Minaret’s board, and the magazine’s managing editor Edina Lekovic is the current MPAC communications director. The Minaret, which started publishing by the mid 1980s, was reported to be “the top-selling Muslim magazine,” in 2001.

  • The Muslim Observer, established in 1998, is a prominent Muslim American weekly based in Michigan with a national distribution. The Observer, published by the Muslim Media Network, regularly prints anti-Israel articles and cartoons, including items that employ anti-Semitic themes. Though not officially affiliated with any Muslim American community organization, several of the publication’s present and former board members are prominent community leaders, including representatives of the Islamic Society of North America. The current editor, Aslam Abdullah, is the former vice-chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. The Observer’s publisher and CEO is Abdulrahman Nakadar, a retired physician and a businessman from India.

  • Southern California InFocus is a monthly newspaper based in Anaheim, California. It is affiliated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and claims to be “the largest Muslim newspaper in California.” Since it was launched in February 2005, InFocus has published several anti-Israel articles, including those defending Hamas and Hezbollah.

  • The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is a monthly magazine published by the anti-Israel American Educational Trust, which is based in Washington. The Report, launched in 1982, has frequently defended Muslim American groups advocating anti-Semitism and support for terrorism.

  • is a Santa Clara, California-based online Muslim news source founded in 1999 by Fouad Khatib and Razi Mohiuddin, both current members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) national board. iviews is currently run by IslamiCity, an Internet company founded in 1995 in Culver City, California. iviews has a history of publishing anti-Semitic content.  

  • Islamic Horizons is the bimonthly magazine of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest Muslim organization in the country, which was founded in 1982. Its articles deal primarily with Muslim American communal issues and religion; however articles in the Islamic Horizons have referred to Israel as “the Zionist entity.”  It is published out of Plainfield, Indiana - ISNA’s headquarter - and distributed nationally to subscribers.

  • is a multi-language Web site founded by Qasem Qasem in Dublin, Ireland.  The site supports the Palestinian uprising against Israel.

  • The Council for the National Interest (CNI) is a Washington DC-based anti-Israel organization that disseminates demonizing propaganda about Israel to academics, politicians, and other audiences. CNI, which is opposed to U.S. aid to Israel, has a history of running inflammatory anti-Israel ads in major national newspapers.  The ads typically accuse Israel of practicing colonialism and apartheid and of subverting U.S. foreign policy for its own interests. 

  • Mission Accomplished: Wicked Cartoons by America’s Most Wanted Political Cartoonist is a compilation of Bendib’s political cartoons published in 2007 by Interlink Books.

  •, registered to Khalil Bendib and created in 2002, is a Web site offering a compilation of Bendib’s cartoons, as well as video appearances of Bendib and several of his columns.



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