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Flashpoint Lebanon: The Arab Media’s War of Incitement


Posted: August 08, 2006

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  Arab Newspapers            

Ad-Dustur, July 31, 2006
Secretary of State Rice is holding a sing stating “The New Middle East.”

Al-Ghad, July 31, 2006
Skull and bones create the Star of David, while blood Imprint the word “Qana.”

Ad-Dustur, July 26, 2006
The cartoon’s headline is “A New Middle East.” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert just gave birth, the baby is Adolph Hitler.

Al-Ghad, July 26, 2006
Secretary of State Rice and Prime Minister Olmert stir the pot of the “New Middle East.”

Al-Ghad, July 20, 2006
The head is “Beirut.”

Al-Ghad, July 19, 2006
The Star of David is superimposed on the Third Reich flag. (This cartoon appeared in the Saudi daily “Al-Yawm” on November 30, 2006.)

Ad-Dustur, July 16, 2006

Ad-Dustur, July 15, 2006
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert swimming in a bottle of blood.

Al-Ghad, July 15, 2006
In Arabic: “The three Israeli prisoners.”

Ad-Dustur, July 11, 2006

The cartoon’s headline: on the right “Tears,” and on the left “Tears!!” On the right the world is crying over “the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier,” on the left the world is crying bombs over “the Palestinian children.”

“…they (The Jews) rob the land in the West Bank, invade the cities and chase the gunmen while the international community bless their actions with the excuse of self defense, as if the Jewish blood has become holy and the blood of other is of a blue kind…”
Mofeed Nihla, “Summer Rains during the time of the Occupation,” Ar-Rai, July 2, 2006.

“…if this mentality (The Zionist mentality) is diligent regarding its aggressive intentions, then its objective is to annihilate most of the Palestinian people, to exterminate the resistance and to dominate the rest of Palestine after getting red of the phenomena of the population growth by killing a number of Palestinians daily which exceeds the number of the newborns; because the Zionist mentality is very aware, that every Palestinian child will move on to fighting the enemy…”
Fakhri Qa’awar, “The Zionist Mentality!” Ar-Ray, July 4, 2006.

“…the Talmud which the Jewish rabbis composed and claimed that its sanctity exceeds the sacredness of the Torah which they have altered, employed, and have invested it in serving political goals distant from the principles which the Torah has introduced. It uses texts and teachings ordering the killing of non-Jews, robbing them, striping them and inflicting harm on them…the Talmudic teachings contradicts the divine essence of human blessing, it is generated out of a narrow racial discrimination deep-rooted in hatred, cruelty, crime and the sanction of human blood, their lands and resources without any consideration; claiming that this endorsement is ‘a divine order and a religious duty’. It is also mentioned in the Talmud that ‘the Jew should kill any non-Jews he can; because mercy is banned for the non-Jews, and if he (The Jew) doesn’t practice murder he is considered in their view (The Jewish Rabbis) to be a transgressor of the Jewish creed. Furthermore, the Talmud went ahead in its call for murder, where it claimed that whomever kill a non-Jew is rewarded eternity in Paradise, whereas, whomever murders a Jew - it is as murdering the whole world.’…”
Dr. Sahar Al-Mejali, “The Israeli Extermination Policy…and the ‘Talmudic Metaphysics.” Ar-Rai, July 6, 2006.

“…the Israeli soldier butchers the family after he committed rape to the body, soul, land and to the Honor, sanctioned all of the women, men, children and elders…”
Yosif Al-Horani, “From Gaza to Al-Mahmodia and back again,” Ar-Rai, July 6, 2006.
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