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Flashpoint Lebanon: The Arab Media’s War of Incitement

Saudi Arabia

Posted: August 08, 2006

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Al-Hayat, August 2, 2006
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is shooting a Lebanese child - this cartoon is based on the Eddie Adam’s picture from February 1, 1968 where a South Vietnam police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan shoots a young man, whom he suspects to be a Viet Kong soldier captured after the Tet attack.

Al-Watan, August 2, 2006
The Israeli/Jewish soldier is saying “it was a NoNo (NoNo is how one usually refers to a baby in Arabic),” while President Bush is laughing.

Ar-Riyadh, July 30, 2006
The Jew is igniting the “Old Middle East.”

Ar-Riyadh, July 29, 2006

Al-Watan, July 20, 2006

Al-Yawm, July 20, 2006

Al-Yawm, July 18, 2006

Al-Hayat, July 18, 2006

Al-Hayat, July 17, 2006

Ar-Riyadh, July 14, 2006
“The Middle East.”

Al-Yawm, July 11, 2006
“The Middle East.”

Al-Watan, July 10, 2006
The cartoon’s headline: “Kidnap.”
On the left Prime Minister “Olmert” carts “Gaza.”

“…killing women and babies in a continuing occupation, the destruction of Lebanon is a collective Nazi punishment for self defense. The American president wouldn’t know the truth even if it hit him in the head, the truth is that the United States which defeated Nazi Germany in Europe, has created a new Israeli Nazi monster and unleashed it on us…today, either the Lebanese (and the Palestinian) dies with the bullets of the new Israeli Nazis in his hometown,….”
Jihad Al-Khazin, “I have nothing but Sorrow.” Al-Hayat, July 15, 2006.

“…Ehud Olmert, the small Fuhrer...doesn’t perceive that a collective punishment…is pure Nazi terrorism…it is a new Nazism that the price of one soldier from Israel is the daily murder of (Palestinians) since June 25, it is a new Nazism that Israel commits the same barbarism in Lebanon…there is a Nazi terrorist state (Israel) that only knows the language of murder…”
Jihad Al-Khazin, “The Small Fuhrer,” Al-Hayat, July 14, 2006.
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