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Flashpoint Lebanon: The Arab Media’s War of Incitement


Posted: August 08, 2006

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Tishrin, August 3, 2006
The Jewish soldier is washing his bloody hands with American water after he finished killing a Lebanese mother and child.

Tishrin, July 27, 2006
The international community is handing Palestine to the Jewish Dog.

Tishrin, July 25, 2006
The Jew is steering the American administration.

Tishrin, July 25, 2006
The Jew is firing at “Lebanon.” While the international community is informing him-“Don’t worry…when you kill everyone we will intervene…”

Tishrin, July 24, 2006
The Jew is sitting over bodies showing Uncle Sam a hen, and Uncle Sam responds saying: “I don’t see anything which should be condemned.”

Tishrin, July 18, 2006
The American hand is holding the “Veto” while the Jewish hand shoots.

Tishrin, July 9, 2006
The Jewish/Israeli Nazi-like soldier is igniting the Bomb - in Arabic, the “Region.”

Tishrin, July 6, 2006
The cartoon’s headline: “Surrendering the Prisoners!!”
The sign on the table: “Negotiations.”

“…this is how the Israeli barbarism which has exceeded the Nazi and fascist conduct continues…The Zionist objective is to exterminate the entire Palestine people or to deport it…so as to establish on Palestine ruins a racial entity based on a pure religious and ethnic foundation…”
Isam Dari, “The Massacre is on the Way,” Tishrin, July 11, 2006.

“…the rats of the Israeli Plague are creeping onto the green paddocks, carrying fountains of blood to children and women spreading the dist of death in water springs…”
Dr. Ghazi Refa’ai, “The Devils of Evil,” Tishrin, July 2, 2006.
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