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Flashpoint Lebanon: The Arab Media’s War of Incitement

United Arab Emirates

Posted: August 08, 2006

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Al-Khalij, July 31, 2006
The man is carrying “The children of Qana.”
On the left: “The Qana Massacre-2, and the American support for Israel.”

Al-Ittihad, July 30, 2006
The Jew is the “Zionist Lobby.” The building is “the American Administration.”

Al-Khalij, July 27, 2006

Al-Khalij, July 20, 2006
The cartoon’s headline is: “Olmert…America gives Israel an absolute support.”

Al-Ittihad, July 18, 2006
The sign used to say: “The Israeli unbeatable army.” The gun shot down the “un.”

Al-Khalij, July 17, 2006
The right sign reads “Lebanon” and the left sign reads “Palestine.” The arm on the left is the “International efforts.”

Al-Ittihad, July 16, 2006
The cartoon’s headline used to be “breakable,” and now it’s “capturable.”
On the right is the “Resistance” and the Israeli soldier is labeled “capturable.”

Al-Ittihad, July 11, 2006
The cartoon’s headline is: “Israel calls its reserves.”
On the left is “International Zionism.”

“…if the present generations . . . wants to learn about the Nazi atrocities, it only needs to continue watching the killing, destruction and demolishing which the Israel war machine is committing. We are not exaggerating if we say that what the Israeli murderers and butchers are doing in Lebanon and in occupied Palestine exceeds the Nazi crimes…” “…the crimes of one day in Lebanon and Palestine are sufficient evidence of the viciousness of the new Nazis which has surpassed Hitler’s Nazism…what is new now is the crimes of the Israeli Nazi army in Lebanon…”
Editorial, “No to Nazis Destroying Lebanon,” Al-Bayan, July 16, 2006.
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