Crisis in the Middle East

Crisis in the Middle East
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Israel Update:
American Red Cross Will Investigate ADL Concerns

In response to ADL concerns that Palestinian ambulances were being used to transport rocks and snipers to flash points in the recent Mideast conflict,

Read ADL's Press Release urging ARC to press ICRC to stop using Palestinian ambulances as tools for attacks against Israel
the American Red Cross has vowed to "uncover the facts about the situation" and is pressing the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for additional information.

"The American Red Cross shares your concern and is actively trying to uncover the facts about this situation," Bernadine Healy, President of the American Red Cross, stated in a letter to ADL. "Since becoming aware of this situation we have been in direct contact with our colleagues working on the ground in Israel and elsewhere in the region."

ADL sought the intervention of the Red Cross after the Israel Defense Forces and independent news sources reported that ambulances bearing the Palestinian Red Crescent were being used as cover for Palestinian snipers and to ferry rocks and gunmen to skirmishes in violation of international humanitarian standards. The Red Crescent emblem is used by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, which has observer status in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The American Red Cross says it has sent a formal request to the Geneva-based ICRC for additional information. "The ICRC has the mandate to work in conflict areas and the personnel on the ground to further assess this situation and communicate to those concerned the importance of international humanitarian law. We expect to hear from them shortly and will continue to keep you informed of what we learn," the letter said.

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