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Crisis in the Middle East
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Israel Update:
Barak Calls for Peace, October 30, 2000
As the Knesset resumed after a three-month recess, Prime Minister Barak’s office issued a statement on the Government’s intentions:

Prime Minister Barak added that any government led by him, regardless of its composition, will be deeply committed to the diplomatic process. If the Palestinian violence and incitement decrease, and they honor the Sharm understandings, and there is the possibility of considering the continuation of the diplomatic process in light of circumstances and the lessons of recent weeks - Israel will regard this as positive. However, if the violence continues and it becomes clear that there are no grounds for diplomatic discussion, the emergency situation will continue may even worsen.

Prime Minister Barak said that he is acting to expand the government since the emergency situation requires all of us to lay aside petty politics and added that Israel - in any event and regardless of the composition of any government led by him - is deeply committed to, and will strive for, peace and the strengthening of its security and vital interests.

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