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Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
InFocus News
Posted: July 15, 2010


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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) helped establish and fund InFocus News, an Anaheim, California-based monthly that publishes anti-Semitic articles and cartoons, as well as content expressing support for terrorist groups.

While Asma Ahmad, the former editor, insisted that InFocus was "editorially independent," the paper was reportedly subsidized by CAIR when it first began publishing in 2005 and currently shares an address and fax number with CAIR's Southern California chapter.

InFocus News was first published under the title Southern California InFocus. In February 2009, the publication adopted a new name, InFocus News, reflecting its ambition to become a national paper. It claims to be "the largest Muslim newspaper in America that strives to give American Muslims a voice in mainstream media." InFocus has a religious advisory board that is composed of prominent Muslim leaders.

The following examples further demonstrate the type of content published in InFocus:

  • April 2010: Columnist Salaam Abdul Khaliq accused Israelis and supporters of Israel of suffering from a condition he described as “Chosen People Complex, or CPC.” According to Abdul Khaliq, symptoms include “innate sense of self righteousness, an arrogant domineering personality…incessant crying over a tragedy that took place over 65 years ago in Europe, and the ubiquitous use of the anti-Semitic label to intimidate and silence critics.” He also claimed that Zionists tend to “bully and coerce American lawmakers.” Zionism has become “a threat to the peaceful co-existence of the three faiths [and] to the legitimacy of the Jewish people and their very survival in the Holy Land,” according to Khaliq.
  • March 2010: Columnist Lawrence Swaim argued that the trauma of the Holocaust fundamentally changed Jewish ethics and that Israel represents a new and corrupt Jewish morality. According to the article, “the universalism and social justice at the heart of Judaism was gradually replaced by a kind of us-against-them religious nationalism…the believer no longer worshiped God but rather the state of Israel.”
  • June 2009: In an article titled “Is Bibi Netenyahu the Antichrist?” columnist Abdul Khaliq wrote that “if not reined in and forcefully stopped, [Israel’s prime minister Binyamin] Netanyahu may well be the Antichrist of the Apocalypse.” The article warned that Netanyahu was coveting American “financial support, and maybe American blood sacrifice,” and that “his arrogance and hard-line politics are going to drag the Middle East into a nuclear Holocaust.”
  • February 2009: Columnist Salaam Abdul Khaliq asserted in his commentary that Israel's military operation in Gaza was "equal or probably worse than what had happened in the ghettos of Warsaw and the concentration camps of Auschwitz."  Khaliq also claimed that Hollywood is controlled by a "powerful Jewish elite" who "wear the Zionist badge with pride."  He further condemned the American film industry for "griping about Nazi Germany" while ignoring the "genocide" against the Palestinian that is committed by "the children of Holocaust survivors."   
  • September 2008: Columnist Lawrence Swaim accused Israel of being a racist apartheid state, adding that the "Israel Lobby" controls American politics and promotes "religious bigotry." According to Swaim, "Israel…was always a state in which one race and religion predominated, with the others driven out and sometimes killed if they resisted." He also blamed Christian-majority countries of making a "deal with the devil" by "letting the Zionist leadership do to the Palestinians what the Christians had done to the Jews."
  • June 2008:  Salaam Abdul Khaliq asserted that American politicians from both major parties worship Israel the way the "the Chosen People" did the Golden Calf in the Bible. Khaliq's article referred to "Jewish voters" and discussed a "political mafia" that exercises "political terrorism on behalf of an apartheid state." It called on "the American people" to "tear down the cult of the Golden Calf."
  • April 2008: An editorial claimed that the U.S. government investigated Sami Al-Arian "at the behest of Israel," and that his arrest was made possible by an "engineered mass-hysteria after 9/11."
  • November 7, 2007:  An article by Parvez Ahmed, CAIR's chairman at the time, described the Holy Land Foundation trial as a "classic case of guilt by association and a political vendetta against American citizens to carry out the agenda of a special interest group – the Israel Lobby."
  • July 2007: An article by Lawrence Swaim claimed that Jews enjoy unprecedented and destructive influence in the corridors of power in the U.S.; due to what it called, "the new Philo-Semitism." According to Swaim, among Christian Americans, there is "a deep and even fanatical affection for Jews…masking a desire to use Jewish organizations to advance a political agenda." Swaim further stated: "The U.S. corporate upper class would love nothing more, for example, than to give Jews a seat at the table of empire, if only they will help Israel become the flagship of U.S. hegemony over the Middle East — and the neoconservative movement arose precisely to service this political tendency."
  • July 2007: A cartoon by Khalil Bendib depicted the presidential candidates competing to be first at "The Israel Lobby sign up."
  • April 2007: Staff writer Aisha Aziz's article titled "Pro-Israel groups target American Muslims" quoted Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR's Southern California chapter, saying that, "there is a well-coordinated attempt by extremist pro-Israel circles to silence American Muslims."
  • October, 2006: A commentary by Lebanese writer Mulham Assir titled “Nasrallah - Leadership and Restraint” praised Hezbollah for its war against Israel and condemned what it termed “the Anglo-American-backed Zionist forces.” It claimed that the summer 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah was part of an American-British conspiracy, a “phase of the larger plans of the colonialist superpowers.” The commentary praised the “epic heroism of the resistance fighters” and “the larger-than-life leader,” Hassan Nasrallah.
  • September 2006: An anti-Semitic opinion piece first published by Saudi English-language newspaper, Arab News, claimed that Israel acts with impunity "because we are the Jews – we are the victims of the Holocaust" and because "Israel is in a position of dominating the U.S. government." It also claimed that the Holocaust was the result of a Jewish provocation, when the Zionist movement "declared war on Germany."

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