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Free Speech on Campus
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Responding to Anti-Israel Campaigns on College and University Campuses
Free Speech on Campus
Student Speech on Campus
Updated: January 20, 2009

Most universities have a student code of conduct that prohibits students from engaging in harassing speech or acts on campus. These codes are generally intended to protect students from harassment by other students. Often found in student handbooks, the code serves as a contract between the students and the academic institution. An effective student code of conduct must strike the right balance between discouraging hateful speech and not stifling lawful speech.

In general, student codes of conduct prohibit words or actions by a student that place another individual in fear of his safety or interfere with his working or learning environment. These codes further prohibit student conduct on campus that interferes with university functions or disturbs the peace.  This can include unapproved protests and “fighting words.”  Violations of the code of conduct are addressed by the school, usually through a judiciary committee. 

Students should read and understand their school’s anti-discrimination policies and student code of conduct.  These internal regulations are essential for understanding and addressing student-to-student harassment or discrimination.  Most universities distribute these materials to all new students, and make them available on the university Web site.   

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Fighting Back: A Handbook for Responding to Anti-Israel Rallies on College and University Campuses (.pdf - 248kb requires Acrobat Reader )
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