The Conversion Crisis:
The Current Debate on Religion, State and Conversion in Israel

Pre-State Jewish Life
Creation of the State of Israel
Testing the Principals
The Conversion Crisis
1995 - Present
Future Challenges

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Future Challenges

Most Israelis acknowledge that whether the conversion bill proceeds into law or a compromise solution is accepted by the Knesset, this most recent controversy over religion and state in Israel will not be the last.

Issues already evoking dissension include the right of representatives of Conservative and Reform movements to sit on local rabbinic councils (a Supreme Court decision on the issue is pending), the right of Reform and Conservative rabbis to perform state-recognized marriages and divorces in Israel, and disputes over the allocation of Ministry of Religion to Orthodox and non-Orthodox institutions.

As tension between religious and secular Israelis increases, and as Conservative and Reform movements in Israel grow more activist, the status of religion and state in the Jewish state will continue to evolve.


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