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Resolving the issue of Borders
1 - Borders Under Oslo
2 - The Israeli Position
3 - The Palestinian Position
4 - During the Interim Period
5 - Proposals

2 - The Israeli Position

Israel rejects the establishment of a permanent Palestinian entity in the entire West Bank and Gaza, with its main concerns regarding security, control of water resources and location of Israeli settlements.

Regarding security, the traditional position of Israeli governments since 1967 (a position that many expect Israel to bring to the negotiating table) has been that the Western border of the West Bank, with its proximity to so many major Israeli population centers, is a strategic necessity which must remain under Israeli control. Also, the Jordan Valley has long been considered a vital piece of territory for securing defensible borders.

As for settlements, the general Israeli position, under Likud and Labor alike, is that settlements should be protected by the Government. As a result, many analysts expect Israel to negotiate a final map with borders that would permit most, if not all, settlements to remain under full Israeli control.

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