Towards Final Status
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Resolving the issue of Borders
1 - Borders Under Oslo
2 - The Israeli Position
3 - The Palestinian Position
4 - During the Interim Period
5 - Proposals

5 - Proposals

As the issue of final borders between Israel and a Palestinian entity looms, a number of proposals have been outlined (also see chapter on Israeli Settlements).

Beilin-Abu Mazen Plan: This plan reportedly includes a demilitarized Palestinian state in most of the West Bank and Gaza (with the option of the state eventually joining a confederation with Jordan), with Palestinian agreement that no Jewish settlements would be evacuated or dismantled. More specifically, Israel would formally annex a very small portion of the West Bank -- according to reports, approximately 10 percent of the territory and 140,000 Jewish settlers -- which would all remain under Israeli sovereignty and security control.

Beilin-Eitan Plan: This plan states that there will be no return to the 1967 borders and that the majority of settlers will live under Israeli sovereignty, in order to preserve territorial continuity between the settlements and the State of Israel. Some Israeli settlements, however, will be outside this area annexed by Israel and will be provided with special status, including continued Israeli citizenship.Thus, their right of free and safe passage to the territories under full Israeli sovereignty will be preserved. Also under the plan, the Jordan Valley will be a special security zone and Israeli army forces will be posted along the Jordan.

Allon Plus Plan: This plan proposes that a network of Palestinian enclaves be created to set off major groups of Israeli settlements in the West Bank which would remain under Israeli control. These Palestinian enclaves, comprising approximately 40 percent of the West Bank, would be transferred to Palestinian control. Generally, the area of Israeli territory would include Greater Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, large areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (particularly large settlement blocks in these areas), areas along the Green Line, and essential roads and waterways.

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