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1 - Jerusalem Under Oslo
2 - Background
3 - The Israeli Position
4 - The Palestinian Position
5 - During the Interim Period
6 - Proposals

3 - The Israeli Position

For the State of Israel, Jerusalem is its eternal and undivided capital. This government policy has been consistent through both Labor and Likud administrations and reflects the consensus of the Israeli public.

The Israeli position is based on its religious, historical and political claims to the holy city. Since King David established the city as the capital of the Jewish state circa 1000 BCE, it has served as the symbol and most profound expression of the Jewish people's identity as a nation. With the brief exception of the Crusader period, no other people or state has made Jerusalem its capital.

Furthermore, since King David's time, Jews have maintained a continuous presence in Jerusalem, except for a few periods in history when they were forcibly barred from living in the city by foreign victors. Jews have constituted a majority of the city's inhabitants for the last 150 years, and today, Jews represent 72 percent of the population of the city.

Pointing to outrages against Jewish and Christian religious sites between 1948 and 1967, Israel claims that only the continued unity of the city under its sovereignty will guarantee freedom of religion in the holy city.

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