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1 - Jerusalem Under Oslo
2 - Background
3 - The Israeli Position
4 - The Palestinian Position
5 - During the Interim Period
6 - Proposals

4 - The Palestinian Position

For the Palestinians, Jerusalem, or al-Quds, will be the capital of the future Palestinian state, basing their claim on religion, history and their demographic presence in the city.

Palestinians point to their large, long presence in Jerusalem, which currently constitutes 30 percent of the city's population. Religiously, Palestinians lay claim to Muslim holy sites (in conflict with Jordanian claims), as well as those holy to Palestinian Christians.

While Palestinian officials have made statements asserting their claim to all of Jerusalem, most Palestinians claim East Jerusalem, where the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem live, as the site of their future capital. According to analysts, while Palestinians do not expect to secure territorial concessions in the western part of the city, they may make claims on Palestinian Arab homes in this area lost during the 1948 war.

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