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Resolving the issue of Refugees
1 - Refugees Under Madrid and Oslo
2 - Background
3 - The Israeli Position
4 - The Palestinian Position
5 - During the Interim Period
6 - Proposals

6 - Proposals

The Beilin-Abu Mazen and Beilin-Eitan Plans both set out guidelines for the resolution of the refugee issue.

Beilin-Abu Mazen Plan: Under this reported proposal, Palestinians who fled in 1948 and 1967 would not return to their homes if they were inside present-day Israel. Refugees from the areas under Palestinian sovereignty would be permitted to resettle in the future Palestinian state.

Beilin-Eitan Plan: This contains a complete five-point plan on refugees and displaced persons:

  1. Recognition of the State of Israel's right to prevent the entry of Palestinian refugees into its sovereign territory.
  2. The admission and limitations for refugee entrance into the Palestinian entity will be determined during final status negotiations, in the context of discussions on Israeli security matters.
  3. An international organization will be created, with Israel playing a central role, with the goal of financing and carrying out compensation and rehabilitation projects for refugees in their current locations. The body will also address Israeli claims for reparations for Jewish refugees from Arab nations.
  4. Israel and the Palestinian entity, within their individual boundaries, will rehabilitate the refugees, repeal their refugee status, and make arrangements for housing and employment (with the assistance of international aid) on the basis of the disengagement of UNRWA, the Palestinian refugees' current caretaker.
  5. Israel will continue a policy of family reunification on the basis of existing criteria.

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