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Crisis in the Middle East
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Israel Update:
German Chancellor Promises to Work to Free Israelis Held by Hizbollah

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, on a state visit to Israel, said that he was working for the release of the four Israelis - 3 soldiers and one civilian - kidnapped by Hizbollah and held in Lebanon. The 3 soldiers (pictured below) were kidnapped on October 7 from internationally-recognized Israeli territory along the Lebanon border. Hizbollah claimed that the operation was to show solidarity with the Palestinians. The capture of the Israeli civilian was announced a week later. To date, no one, including the Red Cross, has been permitted to check on the condition of the captives. Hizbollah's action came just five months after Israel unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon as a demonstration of good faith.

Three kidnapped Israeli soldiers

Sgt. Adi Avitan from Tiberias

Staff Sgt. Benny Avraham from
Bnei Brak

Staff Sgt. Omer Suaed from the Village of Salma (near Karmiel)
Source: Israel Defense Forces website

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