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Mislabeled Globes Pulled From Big Lots Stores
Posted: December 6, 2002

ADL has received numerous complaints about ornamental, decorative or educational world globes for sale in chain stories that omit the State of Israel, or label Israel as well as Palestine. Some of the globes are embedded with semi-precious stones that are decorative in nature. Others are electronic, and are marketed as educational toys for children. ADL continues to be responsive to these and other incidents of geographic mislabeling with respect to Israel.

Most recently ADL has been in contact with the Big Lots retail chain regarding the "Geo Genius World Globe," which was reported to us after a consumer noticed the product in a store in Los Angeles. The globes, manufactured by Castle Spring Entertainment, did not identify the State of Israel directly, whereas “Palestine” was labeled on the map.

Big Lots has assured ADL that the problematic globes were removed from the shelves and sales discontinued shortly after the mistake was brought to their attention. The chain also notified the manufacturer of the error.

Below is the correspondence between ADL and Big Lots.

  December 2, 2002
Mr. Michael J. Potter
Chairman and CEO
Big Lots Inc.
Columbus, Ohio

Dear Mr. Potter:

We have received complaints from our constituents regarding an electronic “Geo Genius World Globe” manufactured by Castle Spring Entertainment being sold at Big Lots stores in Los Angeles. The globe does not identify the State of Israel directly whereas “Palestine” is labeled on the map.

Obviously, consumers purchasing a world globe expect an accurate rendering of current borders and countries. The inaccurate labeling does a great disservice to consumers who purchase the globe as both a decorative item and an educational tool.

We urge you to immediately recall the globes and make appropriate corrections.

We look forward to your timely response regarding this matter.

Abraham H. Foxman
National Director

  December 2, 2002
Mr. Abraham H. Foxman
National Director
Anti-Defamation League
823 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Foxman,

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the “Geo Genius World Globe” sold in Big Lots stories. Your concern is well noted and we are taking steps to rectify this situation.

Please note that shortly after the globe was available for sale at our stores, we realized the error made during the production process in China. The item was immediately pulled from our shelves and sales discontinued.

The manufacturer has been alerted and we are correcting this error.

Please accept my apologies and know that I am personally overseeing this situation.

Judy Panoff
Vice President

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