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Israel Update:
Hamas Spokesman Says Israel Should Not Exist

From the Islamic point of view, Israel should not exist, said Mahmoud Zahar, a spokesman for the anti-Israel, radical Islamic group Hamas said during an interview on the National Public Radio program All Things Considered on Thursday October 26, 2000. In the course of the interview he made the following points:

  • Israel is not allowed to exist as a secular state run by Jews.
  • It is not likely that the Palestinians, especially those who live outside the West Bank and Gaza will accept separate states – Israel and Palestine – existing side by side.
  • The issues that divided Hamas and Yasir Arafat’s Palestinian Authority are being resolved.
  • The Palestinian Authority now believes that negotiations have no future.
  • Every Palestinian, every Arab, every Muslim demands revenge against Israel.

The full interview can be heard on in the All Things Considered archive for October 26, 2000 at the NPR Website

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