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ADL Letter to Chile’s President Regarding Attack on Chilean Tourist in Israel

After the brutal beating of a Chilean tourist in Israel, ADL wrote to President Piñera of Chile to reaffirm support for the victim, and to condemn the actions of those in the Chilean media and parliament who are distorting the incident and using it to demonize Israel.

  November 23, 2010

His Excellency Sebastian Piñera Echenique
President of the Republic of Chile

Dear Mr. President:

We were shocked to learn about the recent heinous violent attack against an innocent Chilean tourist in Israel. We publicly condemned this act of hate and we want to express our support for the victim, Mr. José Toledo Dominas.

We strongly affirm that in Israel there is no place for violent acts against Arabs or any ethnic, religious or other minority. The police have already apprehended the suspects and we have urged authorities to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Our press release on this tragic incident is attached.

Concerned Chileans, Israelis and others should speak out against this tragic event and condemn the use of violence by extremists.

No country, including Israel, is immune from the dangerous acts of extremists. However, because of Israel’s commitment to the rule of law, its superbly trained police force and model judicial system, extremists who engage in criminal acts are brought to justice in the best tradition of democratic principles. It is extremely disturbing to us to learn that some in the Chilean media and parliament are distorting this very painful incident and using it to demonize Israel in a wholly inappropriate and unfair manner. The exemplary manner in which the Israeli authorities handled Mr. Toledo Dominas’s case should be applauded and we respectfully ask that you find a way to publicly commend the handling of this case by them.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director


ADL Condemns Attack on Chilean Tourist in Jerusalem
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