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Palestinian Militia Leader Killed in Explosion RULE

January 14, 2002 ... A Tanzim extremist who admitted having killed Israelis in various attacks during the current Palestinian uprising was killed today in a bomb explosion in the West Bank. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the bombing that killed Raed Mahmoud Raef Karmi, 27, identified as a Tanzim extremist and a resident of Tulkarm.

The Palestinian Authority claimed that Karmi had been imprisoned as part of its roundup of suspected Palestinian terrorists. Israeli intelligence, however, indicated otherwise.

The Israeli government today issued the following information on attacks and attempted attacks for which Karmi was either directly or indirectly responsible:

Since the beginning of the current wave of Palestinian violence in October 2000, Karmi had been the leading extremist of a murderous Tanzim cell that was responsible for numerous shooting attacks in the Tulkarm area, in which both Israeli civilians and soldiers were murdered and wounded.

In media interviews, Karmi had made it clear that he was determined to continue terrorist attacks against Israel and that he wanted to expand them. In a CNN interview on Aug. 23, 2001, Karmi stated: "We train the teenagers to carry out terrorist attacks inside Israeli territory. We train 17- and 18-year-olds to attack settlers, kidnap soldiers from inside Israel." In other interviews, he also described his involvement in the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli restaurateurs in Tulkarm.

Karmi acted directly under Marwan Bargouti, head of the Tanzim in Judea and Samaria and was under his direct supervision. Karmi perpetrated many terrorist attacks, including:

  • Numerous shooting attacks on IDF and Border Police bases in the Tulkarm area;
  • Karmi participated in the Oct. 20, 2000 shooting attack on a bus of IDF Golani Brigade soldiers that mistakenly entered Area A.
  • Shot at an Israeli vehicle on July 12, 2000 near Burke village in which two soldiers and a woman civilian were severely wounded;
  • Participated in the Jan. 23, 2001 kidnapping and murder of Tel Aviv restaurateurs Motti Dayan and Etgar Zeitouny in Tulkarm.
  • The May 31, 2001 shooting at an Israeli vehicle in Baka al Sharkia, murdering Zvi Shelef.
  • The June 18, 2001 drive-by shooting at an Israeli vehicle between Homesh and Shavei Shomron, in which the driver, Dan Yehuda, was killed, and a passenger was seriously wounded.
  • The July 4, 2001 murder of Eli Naaman, near Suweika village.
  • The July 30, 2001 shootings near Bir Saha village in Israel in which three Border Police officers were wounded, one of them severely.
  • The Aug. 26, 2001 murder of Dov Rosman near Zitah.
  • The shooting death of Lt. Erez Merhavi near Bir Saha.
  • The Oct. 5, 2001 shooting death of Hananya Ben Avraham near kibbutz Metzer.
  • The Oct. 28, 2001 shooting attack near kibbutz Metzer in which St.-Sgt. Yaniv Levy was killed.
  • The Oct. 29, 2001 attempted bombing at the home of a naval officer in Raanana.
  • The Nov. 19, 2001 shooting attack on a taxi at Shavei Shomron junction in which three people were wounded, one of them severely.
  • The Nov. 28, 2001 attempt to infiltrate two suicide-terrorists into Israel.
  • An abortive suicide attack on Dec. 15, 2001 in which the explosive charge blew up prematurely near Shaar Ephraim; only the terrorist was killed.

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