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Outrageous Claim on Palestine Radio:
10-Month-Old Shalhevet Pass Killed by Mother

On April 2, Youssef al-Kazaz, a senior commentator for Voice of Palestine Radio, the official radio station of the Palestinian Authority said the following about the murder of 10-month old Shalhevet Pass, who was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper on March 26:

"On the matter of the baby settler who was killed in Hebron a few days ago, we already said that her death was a fishy action and there is information according to which this baby was retarded and it was her mother who killed her in order to get rid of her."

The brutal murder of Shalhevet, who was being pushed by her parents in her stroller on the way to a playground when she was shot, shocked the entire world. It is outrageous that Mr. al-Kazaz is attempt to deny Palestinian culpability and push off blame on her mother.

The text was made available by the Israel Foreign Ministry. English translation by IMRA.

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