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Backgrounder: Mazin Qumsiyeh
In His Own Words
Posted: August 9, 2007


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In His Own Words
July 17, 2008
“The overriding fact also remains that Zionism is the main cause of wars and conflict throughout the region from Palestine to Afghanistan. Peace is possible and it must start with ending US support for that apartheid regime…”
Listserve posting

June 25, 2008
“…the influence of Israel and its US supporters pushing for wars on Arab and Muslim countries is minimized or ignored…The result is the national anti-war coalitions talk about oil and talk about arms makers, but they don’t connect Palestinian oppression and Israeli militarism to the wars against Iraq and likely war on Iran. Americans see the Presidential candidates and Congress pledging allegiance to AIPAC and its demands to smash Iran, but some anti-war activists pretends [sic] this is all inconsequential.”
Listserve posting

May/June 2008
“If apartheid (segregation) was the problem in South Africa and the Jim Crow South, why would we think it a solution in the Holy Land?”
Co-existence and Joint Action: A Lesson from 60 Years of Conflict

May 15, 2008
“…Italy and Egypt have governments that are subservient to Zionist and US imperial and elite interests. It ensures that money is funneled through corporations and governments in support of Zionism from ordinary citizens who have no clue about these transactions. Hence extra cost for products that carry a "kosher label" that go not for the cost of such certification but through the Orthodox Union to support Israel and Zionism. Hence US taxpayers unwittingly pumping several billion every year to Israel because their politicians want to be (re-)elected and need the power of the Israel-first lobby (cash and media access). Hence silencing of investigations into Israeli military and economic spying on Western countries (Israel now sells lots of US technology to countries like China). Hence repackaging of stolen US technology sold back to the US public unwittingly not knowing its origin. Hence Michael Chertoff, Zionist head of US national security awarding no-bid contracts for security of the US Mexico borders to Israeli instead of US Companies.”
Listserve posting

January 27, 2008
“The media needs to be challenged and pushed to stop pandering to the illusion of Zionist power. People especially in the US, Canada, Israel, and England need to be reminded that they can take back the power from the entrenched elites who serve the narrow Zionist special interests.”
Listserve posting

January 8, 2008
“Israel is the only country in the world that gives members of a particular religion, including converts, automatic rights (citizenship, land, homes, subsidies), while denying citizenship to native Christians and Muslims who were ethnically cleansed. World leaders who are freed from the pressures of the Israel lobby have recognized this system for what it is: Apartheid.”
Bush’s Visit to the Middle East: Triumph of Form Over Substance
The American Muslim

December 30, 2007
“A small lobby of political Zionists hold our foreign policy hostage.”
Listserve Posting
November 20, 2007
“The Zionist establishment in the meantime is busy in the US suppressing free speech in academia and pushing for a new war (this time on Iran).”

“Recognizing Israel as ‘Jewish state’ means recognizing and accepting past ethnic cleansing and legitimizing future ones (to maintain the Jewish demographic super-majority).”

“There is an obvious and more honest route to peace, security, and economic prosperity for all (Palestinians, Israelis, Americans, Iraqis etc). It involves rejecting the corroding and self-defeating effect of the Israel-first lobby and this will cause the US government to cut off US massive taxpayer military aid to Israeli apartheid.”

“Rescuing US foreign policy from the Zionist straightjacket (the Israeli lobby that now occupies Washington DC like it occupies Palestinian lands) is difficult and requires hard work. But it is doable and might be the only thing that could salvage the US economy.”
What Happens at and After Annapolis November 27th?

October 1, 2007
"The Zionist tribalistic mentality [sic] exists out of its own desires to be separate and treat any non-Jew with contempt. It is the same idea that lets Zionists express that the world is always "against us" and privately claim to each other that any support they get is because of their might and muscle."

"Jerusalem is illegally occupied and [sic] no state has a right to be Jewish (or Muslim or Christian). Human rights demand that states be states of the citizens who live in them regardless of their religion."

"Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Faith, Michael Ledeen and other neocon Zionists pushed for a war on Iraq."

"The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations is pushing for Iran confrontation just as they did with the Iraq confrontation before 2003."
Hasbara and Hafrada
(Israeli Hebrew Words for Propaganda and Separation)
Online Journal
August 9, 2007
"Hundreds of other atrocities are made possible because the US continues to be Israeli occupied territory also (thanks to the traitorous Zionist lobby)."
Human Rights Listserve

August 9, 2007

"Zionists bilked tens of billions of dollars from Germany (80 billion alone) and other countries for Nazi era events (as Norman Finkelstein and others documented). The survivors got peanuts."
Human Rights Listserve

August 5, 2007

“It is also important for all US citizens to get involved and informed about the increasing attempts at what can only be described as the Zionization of the USA (slowly turning it into a police state while draining its resources).”
Listserve Posting

June 30, 2007
“Zionist lies are leading us all (including us U.S. citizens) into more wars, mayhem and economic destruction.”
Listserve Posting

June 20, 2007
“The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was planned by neo-con Zionists well before they got power in the White house. A similar attack on Iran by the same cabal using American blood as canon fodder is in the works now.”

“Neo-con Zionists in the U.S. articulated why Iraq, Syria, and Iran were on their target list even before they came to power. Their reason was to strengthen Israel's regional power.”

“Then there is the European Union, a collection of states that helped establish Israel. Most of their leadership refuses to push for implementation of international law because of many reasons including:
  • the persistent Zionist propaganda that links guilt over the Jewish holocaust with support for Israel (a state whose founders not only profited from but collaborated with Nazi Germany).
  • Desire to keep Israeli Jews from returning to Europe (essentially anti-Semitism).”
“The fragmentation of Palestinian polity was actually an intentional Zionist program going back for decades (classic colonial attitude of divide and conquer).”
From Nakba to Gaza: Palestine at the Friction Point
Media Monitors Network

June 10, 2007
“The strong Zionist lobby that took this country to war on Iraq and is now pushing for conflict with Iran.”

“We believe that one day we will gather here to celebrate our freedoms from the Israeli occupation of this Congress and all other occupied territories. We believe returning Palestinian Christians and Muslims and Hebrew speaking Jews who do not believe in exceptionalism will live together in a post-Zionist society in all of Palestine that will truly become a global inspiration.”
“World Says No to Israeli Occupation” Rally
Washington, DC

March 2007
"AIPAC and leadership of so called 'mainstream' Jewish organizations (AJC, JF, ADL, and all the other of alphabet soup) are pushing for sanctions and confrontation with Iran and since Congress and the white house are Israeli occupied territories, US foreign policy is moving in that direction."
Human Rights Listserve

February 2007

“The upcoming attack on Iran is (mis)calculated by the same war mongers (perhaps we should start calling it Zionist/military/industrial complex who hijacked the US government and both major parties in the US). They do not know what they will be unleashing but think foolishly that it would save Israeli colonial ventures and their ventures to pillage the natural resources of other countries.”
Human Rights Listserve

January 18, 2007
“We call for the annulment of all laws that make Israel an apartheid state, including the Jewish law of return in its present form.”
Wheels Speaker Responds to 'Dangerous Language'
Andover Townsman

December 19, 2006
“To me the most dangerous Zionist myth that contributes to anti-Jewish ranting in Teheran and beyond is that political Zionism is the defender and protector of Jews against a hostile (gentile) world.The truth is otherwise, and is now well documented in declassified archives, in Zionist archives, in letters and books, and it is rather ‘inconvenient’ (to put it mildly) to political Zionists.”
Holocaust Denier and the Iraq Study Group
Palestine Chronicle

September 2006
“Few individuals claim being shocked at any comparison between what early Nazi laws and behavior (in the 1930s) and current Israeli laws and behaviors. But any deeper study will actually be shocking in the other direction: i.e. on the extent of collaboration and mimicry of Nazi and fascist behavior by the Zionist movement over the past 60 years.”
Human Rights Listserve

August 2006
“Zionists use the power of propaganda (based on victimhood) combined with aggressive attacks on your self-declared enemies to cover-up theft of Arab lands and natural resources.This strategy was applied both in the Middle East and in gathering support in the West.”
Zionist Invincibility

January 2006
“If apartheid was the problem in South Africa, why is it a solution in Israel/Palestine?”

“Simply put, the goal of Zionism was to create a state by, for, and of "the Jewish people everywhere" to the exclusion of most of the native people and then ensure that the minority that remained at all odds is not treated equally.”
Boycott Israel
Global Agenda Magazine

December 2005
“Zionism is now the dominant example of an ideology of intolerance and oppression emanating from concepts chosenness [sic] and special rights to members of a particular religion.It has gained political power in America and in Israel and few other countries (and more importantly now at the IMF and the World Bank).It is not surprising that Thomas Jefferson wrote what he did to Mordecai Noah: “disclaimed by all while feeble, and practiced by all when in power”; laws being the only antidote. When national laws are built around such concepts as chosenness [sic] and discrimination (e.g. Israel’s basic laws), International laws were supposed to provide a remedy in this era.But of course who is going to enforce International laws (e.g. about the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and lands) in the era of one superpower dominating the stage and rejecting International law as well as the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice? Only the people can finally effect a change.”
Human Rights Listserve

November 4, 2005
“After all, how is maintaining the (artificially-created) ‘Jewish character’ of the state different than maintaining the white nature of South Africa or the Aryan nature of Nazi Germany?”
The US Media and the Struggle in Israel/Palestine

September 25, 2005
“Some call it Bush’s war but is there it is also becoming clearer (at least on the internet though not in mainstream media) that the war was conceived, planned and managed by a neoconservative cabal that has taken full control of the US executive branch.Their inspiration is the right wing elements in Israel and their goal is nothing short of subverting the US 100% to serve what they perceive as Israeli interests.”

“It is playing into both Zionist and Imperial hands by accepting their claim that the reason for support of Israel (and for the war on Iraq) is a ‘strategic relationship’ directed to serving only US elite interests (oil, military, and other corporate interests).”
Connecting the Dots: Iraq & Palestine/The Israeli Lobby and the Iraq War

June 2005
“Israel and many in the Zionist movement milked billions of dollars from European governments, individuals, and corporations by claiming Israel and Zionism represent victims of European atrocities.The reality is that the victims (and their relatives) got nothing or a tiny percentage of this money that was used to support the destruction of Palestine.A good study of this is in Norman Finkelstein’s book ‘The Holocaust Industry.’More atrocious is that Zionism actually owes these victims compensation instead of collecting it on their behalf.After all, many Zionists not only profited from the atrocities but also directly collaborated with the perpetrators.”
Is Israel Unique

“Zionism survives only insofar as it prevents Palestinians attaining their basic human rights, such as the right to return to their homes and lands, and the right to self-determination.”
A Two-State Solution is No Solution: Thinking Outside the Box on Israel / Palestine

March 2005
“Using blatant lies to blame the victim is a common tactic of those who oppress and destroy. Shame. Since the U.S. government gives billions of our tax dollars to fund this charade, the least we can do is urge divestment from Israel and boycotts.”
ALetter to the Editor
Commentary Magazine

February 13, 2005
“Israel and its war criminal leader, like before, will keep prolonging the process so as to continue building Jewish-only colonies/settlements on Palestinian land and completing the apartheid wall that will finish marking the Palestinian reservations/ghettos.”
Letter to the Editor
Los Angeles Times

November 2004
“I would compare this Palestinian/Israeli situation with the Native Americans here in America when the colonials first came.”

“The Native Americans were driven from their natural homes and led to live on small reservations. Huge populations were wiped out.”

“There are approximately four million Jews living in America. Five billion dollars in military support goes to Israel every year. The American government is clearly behind Israel – at the expense of the Palestinians.”
Newtown High School, Connecticut

October 2004
“If apartheid was a problem in South Africa, why do we consider it a solution in Palestine and Israel?”
Fourth National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement
Duke University, North Carolina

September 4, 2004
“Only by awakening the US public and linking it to resistance movements from within the world community (including the Iraqi resistance), will this pathway to destruction be avoided.”
Their Dog-Eat-Dog World

August 12, 2004
“The whole world, except the U.S. government under the thumb of the Israeli lobby, is united in opposition to the apartheid wall and the genocidal ethnic cleansing in Palestine. We continue to give 30 percent of all our foreign aid to an apartheid state (population 0.1 percent of world population).”
Letter to the Editor
The Day

April 9, 2004
“...the Zionist spin machine, intent on making us forget occupation, colonization, ethnic cleansing and oppression. The spin machine accomplished its goal and passed another one over the gullible -- or perhaps not so gullible -- U.S. media.”
Letter to the Editor
Providence Journal

March 11, 2004
“It is really sad how Zionists suppressed non-Ashkenazi Jewish culture, (Sephardic and Mizrachi), how they discarded Yiddish to develop Hebrew, how they discarded International law to develop chauvinistic violence and territorial expansion, and how they discarded Jewish morality and justice to develop Jewish supremacist power.”
“Many Jews now wonder. Is Israel offering safety or violence to Jews by oppressing another people? Does Zionism combat anti-Semitism or are they faces of the same coin?”

“Unrelated and diverse events are used as opportunities to advance Zionist agendas while brandishing the historical victim card as a shield from criticism one more time. These events range from Mel Gibson’s movie, to Palestinian resistance to colonizers, to the critique of the Jewish neo-cons around Bush, and to UN resolutions adopted by 140 countries (against Israel, the US, Micronesia, and the Marshal Islands).”
The Passion and Zionism
Aljazeerah Info Center

March 8, 2004

“If apartheid was considered the problem in South Africa, why is it being touted as a solution in Israel/Palestine? And finally, why do some confuse symptoms (violence which kills far more Palestinian civilians than Israeli) with underlying diseases (colonial violent occupation and ethnic cleansing over the past 56 years)?”
Enough is Enough: Why Is Apartheid Touted as a Solution

January 6, 2004
“The organized and well-funded PR campaign to shield the American public from reality...(called Hasbara in Hebrew) allows occupation and colonization to become invisible to the American public while dramatizing only one of the symptoms (the violence against Israelis).”

“The result of this slick and well-funded machine is that cause and effect are reversed.The occupation, colonization, ethnic cleansing and its violence against a largely defenseless native population become identified as a response to native violence.”
How Reality is Distorted
Jordan Times (and Hartford Courant)

January 24, 2003
“War, instability, and fear are needed to perpetuate injustice. No wonder Hitler thought highly of Zionists and Zionists regularly collaborated with the Nazis.”

“Like the apartheid government in South Africa, Israel must be pressured, through boycotts and divestment, to abolish its racist laws and to not simply create bantustans to solve its ‘black’ problem.”
Israeli Apartheid is Forcing Arab Diaspora
Yale Herald

January 20, 2003
“The reason there are Palestinian refugees is rather quite simple: a Zionist movement supported by our government wanted to transform a multicultural, multireligious Palestine into a Jewish state.”

“You will not hear much about the daily violence against the Palestinians. You will not hear much about the ethnic cleansing or the home demolitions. You will see biased glimpses of the apartheid wall as a ‘security fence.’”
The Death of Tom Hurndall - Spring in Palestine

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