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Israel Update:
Anti-Israel Violence, December 11, 2000

Shootings in Jerusalem
(source: The Jerusalem Post)

  • A 22-year-old woman suffered serious bullet wounds to the neck and chest last night, The woman was hit at her home in Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood, when the neighborhood again came under attack from Palestinian gunmen in Beit Jala.

  • Two cars traveling from the Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood came under automatic gunfire. No one was hurt.

Violence in the West Bank and The Gaza Strip
(source: Israel Defense Forces)

The West Bank:
  • Two IDF soldiers were lightly injured this evening from a shooting that was directed towards their vehicle, which was travelling close near the Harmash settlement, north of Jenin.
  • A female IDF soldier was lightly injured this afternoon by stones thrown at her vehicle as she traveled on the exit of the Central Command headquarters in Jerusalem.
  • An explosive charge detonated at the Harsina junction near Kiryat Arba and caused damage to an Israeli bus passing by. Another charge was discovered in the area but it did not detonate. An additional charge detonated at the Ovda junction north of the settlement of Otniel in the south of Mount Hebron. There were no casualties in these events.
  • A Palestinian armed with a knife attempted to stab an IDF soldier in the area of the Cassaba in Hebron this afternoon. The soldier was not hurt. The Palestinian drew his knife at the soldier who, in response, fired towards the assailant's legs. A military medic at the scene treated the Palestinian who was later evacuated by military vehicle for further medical treatment in hospital.
  • Shooting incidents took place at the following locations:
    • Towards an Israeli vehicle at the Alfei Menashe junction,
    • Towards an IDF position at the Jewish settlement in Hebron,
    • Towards an IDF forces north of the Beit Hagai junction and near the settlement of Halmish,
    • Towards a military vehicle at the Singil junction and at the Jenin bypass road
    • Towards two Israeli civilian buses near the Harsine junction.
    There were no casualties in all these events. IDF forces returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.
  • Violent riots which included stone throwing took place at the Ayosh junction, the Atarot industrial area and the "Ofer" base north of Jerusalem. IDF forces responded with crowd dispersal means.
  • The Gaza Strip:
    • Shots were fired today towards military vehicles at the Gush Katif junction and the Netzarim junction.
    • Shots were also fired towards IDF positions near Neveh Dkalim from the direction of Khan Yunes.

    • There were no casualties and no damage was caused. IDF soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting.

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