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Israel Update:
Anti-Israel Violence, December 12, 2000

West Bank
(source: Israel Defense Forces)

  • An Israeli citizen was wounded lightly in the afternoon by shots fired at his vehicle at the Bikot junction in the Jordan Valley. The citizen was treated on the premisis and then evacuated for further treatment in hospital.

  • A bomb exploded as another was located by an IDF force on the Halhol bypass road north of Hebron. There were no casualties and no damage was done.

  • Shots were fired at a number of locations, including:
    • Camp Shmeda adjacent to Beit Sahur.
    • IDF forces in the Jewish area of Hebron.
    • A Border Police force from the Aram junction north of Jerusalem.
    • An IDF force on Mt. Eval.
    • An IDF force near Beit Haggai, south of Hebron.
    IDF forces returned fire only when they located the exact source of the shots.

Gaza Strip:

  • Two Israeli citizens were wounded lightly by shots fired at an Israeli vehicle near the village of Morag in Gush Katif.

  • One of the young women was evacuated to continue treatment in hospital by an IAF helicopter. The other woman was treated at the clinic of Neve Dekalim.

  • Heavy fire opened up this past hour at an IDF post near the greenhouses of the village Netzarim. IDF soldiers are returning fire to the sources of the shots.

  • Shots were fired in the morning at a school and children's activity center in the village of Neve Dekalim.

  • Shots were fired at a number of other locations, including:
    • An IDF patrol on the border fence near the Sufa crossing.
    • At an IDF base in Gush Katif.
    • At a convoy on its was to one of the posts in Gush Katif.
    • At an IDF post near Netzarim.
    In all cases IDF forces returned fire once they located the sources of the shots.

  • In addition, shots were fired at construction equipment of the IDF close to the Kissufim axis and at armored vehicles of the IDF near Rafah.

  • Violent riots broke out during the day during which rocks and firebombs were thrown at IDF soldiers, including the following places:
    • Near the Kissufim axis.
    • At the Rafah crossing.
    • At the industrial area of Neve Dekalim.
    • At an IDF post adjacent to Rafah.
    • At an IDF postadjacent to Neve Dekalim

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