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Religious Issues in your Child's Public School
A Guide For Jewish Parents
Foods and Games of Passover
Another great way to have fun and learn about a cultural event is by sharing food dishes. Bringing in a family Seder plate with the symbolic foods will also provide an opportunity to explain the significance of each of the symbols. Engage all the senses by providing a sampling of each of these foods to the students so that they can actually get a "taste" of Passover.

Seder Foods
  • Charoseth
  • Mazto

  • It would be an added dimension if you could provide a variety of charoseth to demonstrate how regional foods and traditions have modified this aspect of the holiday. Another fun project has the students making their own snack by creating cream cheese and jelly matzo sandwiches, or making charoseth using equal measures of almonds, dates, pecans, golden raisins and a splash of kosher grape juice. Grind all of the ingredients well in a food processor. Have the children form the mixture into balls and roll in cinnamon to make it look like a muddy brick. Explain that this is a treat that originated in Morocco, in the north of Africa.

    Another fun activity incorporates the tradition of searching for the affikomen. Share with the class how children are kept involved in what can sometimes be a long evening with a hunt for the affikomen (hidden at the beginning of the evening, the affikomen is the middle of the three symbolic pieces of matzo). Hide an affikomen in the classroom and award a prize to the student who finds it. A wonderful way to incorporate all of these activities into your visit would be to break the class up into groups, so each group could complete a different project simultaneously.
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