Chanukah and Passover Q&A
Religion in the Public Schools Q&A

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  • Religious Issues in your Child's Public School
    A Guide For Jewish Parents (about this guide)
    Chanukah and Passover Q&A
    This online guide has been created to help parents deal effectively with the challenges of religion in their children's public schools because no child should ever be made to feel like a stranger in his or her classroom.
  • My childís teacher asked me to present Chanukah to the class. What is legal and appropriate?

  • Should a teacher ask students to explain their religious holidays to their classes?

  • What is excessive when it comes to Christmas decorations on handouts and in the classroom?

  • Is it appropriate for teachers to hold Christmas parties and to allow those who donít observe to be excused?

  • Is it appropriate for a teacher to assign compositions with religious themes such as "What Christmas Means to Me"?

  • How do I tell if a holiday concert is promoting a particular religion?

  • Is it acceptable for a public school administrator to decorate his office with a Christmas tree and a nativity scene?

  • My childís teacher asked me to present Passover to the class. What is legal and appropriate?





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