Chanukah and Passover Q&A
Religion in the Public Schools Q&A

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  • Religious Issues in your Child's Public School
    A Guide For Jewish Parents (about this guide)
    Religion in the Public Schools Q&A
    This online guide has been created to help parents deal effectively with the challenges of religion in their children's public schools because no child should ever be made to feel like a stranger in his or her classroom.
  • How can a parent advisory board reach consensus on developing guidelines for religious holidays at school?

  • Is it ever appropriate for a student to lead a prayer at a school function, like graduation?

  • What are the guidelines regarding students praying together publicly or having religious clubs at public high schools?

  • Can public schools require students to read religious texts such as the Bible?

  • What should be done if there is bias against Judaism in the text or by the teacher when the study of religion is part of the curriculum?

  • What should be done if a teacher tries to restrict the wearing of  religious jewelry such as a Magen David (Star of David)?

  • What can parents do about student attendance policies that penalize absences, if those absences are for religious observance?

  • What can parents do if their school's physical education uniforms conflict with their consideration of appropriate modesty?





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