Civil Rights Division Staff Present at Annual Conference of the U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools
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Civil Rights Division Staff Present at Annual Conference of the U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools

Posted: August 12, 2009

ADL led two workshops at the annual conference of the US Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools in Washington, D.C. in early August.


An expert from the ADL's Center on Extremism addressed the assembly during a day-long, invitation-only meeting of School Security Chiefs/Safe School Center Directors Meeting.  The presentation, "State of Hate: Organized Hate Groups in America," focused on right-wing extremist groups in America, extremists use of the Internet, hate crimes, youth recruitment trends, and threat assessment. The expert highlighted ADL resources to assist school safety officials recognize symbols of hate, as well as the resources available through the ADL's Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network (LEARN).


In addition, ADL Legal Affairs and Education experts presented an interactive workshop on new tactics and tools to address school bullying and cyberbullying.  They outlined the ADL's perspectives and resources on the problem of bullying and described the cyberbullying workshops and trainings ADL professionals have developed and presented for schools, parents, teachers, and students across the country.  Their presentation also surveyed legal and First Amendment issues associated with bullying and cyberbullying, and familiarized participants with ADL's new online guide to its model legislation, and the comprehensive Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention Law Advocacy Toolkit accompanying it.  


Approximately 100 participants from more than 20 states attended the conference.  The chiefs of security for the largest school districts in America, including the New York Police Department School Safety Division; San Diego Unified School District; Texas School Safety Center; Florida Department of Education; Los Angeles Unified School District Police Department; Pennsylvania Center for Safe Schools; Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department; Clark County, Nevada School District Police Department; Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Olympia, Washington; Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina Schools Police; Office of School Security, District of Columbia Public Schools; Safety and Security, Maryland Public Schools; Division of School Safety, Mississippi Department of Education; Colorado School Safety Resource Center; Office of Safety & Security, Virginia Public Schools; Newark, New Jersey Public Schools; Tennessee School Safety Center; Kansas Center for Safe and Prepared Schools; Minnesota Safe Schools Center; Safety and Security, Columbus, Ohio Public Schools; Nebraska School Safety Center; Miami-Dade Public Schools Police Department; Security and Investigations, Jefferson County, Kentucky Public Schools; Oregon Center for School Safety; Montana Safe Schools Center; Missouri Center for Safe Schools; and the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program, Office of Youth Services, South Carolina Department of Education were among the attendees.

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