FBI Director Honors ADL with Community Leadership Award
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FBI Director Honors ADL with Community Leadership Award

Posted: January 8, 2009


The Anti-Defamation League has received the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award, which honors individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs and violence in America


The award recognized Law Enforcement and Society (LEAS): Lessons of the Holocaust -- an innovative ADL training program organized in partnership with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum -- as well as the ongoing partnership between ADL and the FBI, and their work together.  


"ADL has been an invaluable partner in our community outreach efforts," said John Miller, Assistant Director, FBI Office of Public Affairs.  "The work they have done to help the public and the law enforcement community to understand the origins and consequences of bias crimes, hate groups and terrorists has been exemplary.  The Director's Community Leadership Award is just one way to recognize years of service."


LEAS has now trained over 40,000 law enforcement personnel, and is a required part of the training for all FBI new agents. The program was first launched in 1999 by the ADL's Washington, DC Regional Office and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, at the request of Washington's former Police Chief Charles Ramsey.  It is designed to enhance law enforcement personnel's understanding of their role as protectors of the American people and the Constitution.  Participants examine modern policing against the backdrop of the role of law enforcement in the Holocaust.     

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