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 Backgrounder: Nation of Aztlan
Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism
Current Leadership
Recent Activity and Background
Common Ground With Extremists
The Nation of Aztlan: In Their Own Words

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The Nation of Aztlan: In Their Own Words
  • November 7, 2001 – "It is very sad that the American public continues to be deceived by Zionists. The sophisticated and powerful Zionist machine is not only sucking billions per year in military aid to Israel, but is also sucking millions through deception and chicanery."

[Article by Hector Carreon]

  • October 23, 2001 – "Don't allow Zionist to place a ‘guilt trip’ on you because of the holocaust. This has been a principal tactic that Zionists have used to manipulate American public opinion. Also, do not be concerned about being called anti-semitic when you start questioning the use of your tax monies to support racist Israeli policies. The Zionists have loaded the anti-semitic label with the guilt feelings and pity normal people feel through the images in our memories of the pictures of gas chambers, piles of corpses, and concentration camps that we have been shown through the efforts of Jewish institutions such as the Museum of Tolerance and through countless books and films on the subject."

[Article by Ernesto Cienfuegos]

  • July 24, 2001 – "Powerful Jewish interests in Hollywood, television and other media promote the idea that it is ‘politically correct’ to accept the gay lifestyle…"

[Letter by Hector Carreon]

  • July 15, 2001 – "La Voz de Aztlan has just received a report that missing Washington D.C. intern Chandra Levy was seen yesterday afternoon entering an Israeli government building in Tel Aviv which reliable sources believe houses the ‘Institution for Intelligence and Special Assignments’. The ‘Institution’ is the official ‘spy’ agency for the Israeli government and is more commonly known as the Mossad…. The Israeli Mossad's primary ‘modus operandi’ is to work through high level appointed and elected American Jews in the U.S. government. They also work through the ‘U.S.A. Government Internship Program’ to place personnel in key positions. Young bright and well educated American Jews are first indoctrinated, trained and then placed in key U.S. government agencies in order to carry out specific intelligence operations."

[Article by Miroslava Flores]

  • July 12, 2001 – "We have here two young pretty Jewesses with access to high level Democratic elected officials in the U.S. Government. Monica Lewinsky ended up in the Pentagon with the highest type of secret government clearance. Who knows what government military secrets she was able to obtain and for whom. If Bill Clinton would have predicted the trouble Monica Lewinsky would cost him, she may have disappeared too. Like Monica Lewinsky, perhaps Chandra Levy was playing the same game with Congressman Condit but in her case she met a different fate. Two Jewess interns in national sexual scandals in the highest levels of government calls for a lot of speculation. There seems to be some kind of pattern here. These two incidents and many other makes this Mexican think that ‘something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.’"

[Article by Ernesto Cienfuegos]

  • June 20, 2001 – "For many years, extremely wealthy and powerful Jewish interests have been investing in the development of a cadre of ‘puppet’ Chicano political leaders and in the formation of Chicano ‘front’ organizations."

[Article by Hector Carreon]

  • June 6, 2001 – "A growing number of us are fed up with the rigged political system and the corrupt candidates the Jewish dominated Democratic Party choose for us…. La Raza will eventually takeover [sic] the government of the City of Los Angeles. It is just a matter of time…. We need a candidate that is going to tell it like it is and not pussyfoot around town ‘romancing’ all the other ethnic and racial groups. With 315,000+ registered voters in the city, we don't need the Jews nor the Whites to win. We need a real leader, a fearless leader with courage and conviction that can unite all of La Raza of Los Angeles."


  • May 25, 2001 – "Just a few hours ago something extraordinary occurred in Jerusalem that makes one wonder if God is again punishing the Jews as in ancient times…. The Lord has punished the Jews throughout history when they have drifted into sinful lives. This has been documented in the Torah or the first five chapters of the Old Testament. There are now large number of Jews in Israel as well as all over the world that live by exploiting other people. Many have also lost their religion and have become perverted."


  • May 5, 2001 – "Most U.S. based Raza are not aware that ‘Cinco de Mayo’ is not celebrated in Mexico as it is in Aztlan. Why and how did this day become so celebrated in the southwestern part of the United States? There are many reasons, but one of the principal ones is its ‘marketing’ by the mostly Jewish owned alcohol industry. Take for example the multi-billion dollar Jewish brewery by the name of Anheuser-Busch. The corporation which is, presently controlled by August Busch IV, learned that marketing Budweiser beer and other alcohol products to both the Black and Mexican communities could be highly profitable…. The devastation to both communities, has in many cases, been worse than the crack-cocaine epidemic."


  • April 16, 2001 – "After the downfall of Nazi Germany, the German people ‘washed their hands’ of any complicity in the Jewish extermination camps by pleading ignorance…. Today, in the Holy Land, the Zionist Jews, with the support of the majority of Israel's population are themselves perpetuating a holocaust against the Palestinian people. After the bodies are counted and the atrocities documented, how will the Jews excuse themselves for committing these crimes against humanity?"

"It is incredible that some Jews are now doing worse things to the Palestinians than the Nazis ever did to them. If there are any good Jews left in the world, they should speak out loudly against these atrocities."

"Jews have the diamond industry cornered. They control the diamond mines in Africa and the diamond merchants in Amsterdam and pretty much everywhere else…. La Raza buys diamonds principally on wedding rings. We have been brainwashed to believe that diamonds have intrinsic value. The slogan ‘diamonds are a girl's best friend’ was invented by Jews. There are other beautiful gem stones that we could learn to cherish, for example emeralds and rubys. This would entail minimal cultural re-orientation as Chicanos and Mexicanos but perhaps we may lead a world movement to de-value diamonds for the cause of saving the Palestinians. As the world Jewry starts losing more and more money as diamond sales decrease, they would be pressured to agree on an equitable peace with the Palestinians. Don't buy Jewish diamonds!-Justice for the Palestinians."


  • April 11, 2001 – "…we are publishing the controversial ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ for your review and analysis. We ask that you read the ‘Protocols’ and determine for yourself whether they are legitimate. We ask that you study them carefully in order to be educated and informed. Do political and economic events around the world conform to what the ‘Protocols’ set out to do? You judge for yourselves."


  • March 2001 – "The Jews of California, about 3% of the state's population, have an overwhelming and disproportionate share of the state's wealth which they utilize effectively to wield immense influence on the state's political apparatus principally through dominance of the Democratic Party. Both U.S Senators of the state are ladies of Jewish descent and there is no sector of California society, either private or public, in which Jews are not significant policy makers. The sectors that they can not control directly, they will do it indirectly through the purchase of influence as well as the cunning manipulation of ethnic and other minorities."


  • October 18, 2000 – "La Raza's struggle for the land and for political and economic self-determination is not different from the struggle of the Palestinian people in Zionist Israel. We live in Aztlan under Anglo domination as the Palestinians live under Jewish domination…. La Raza is a victim of the same political and economic forces that are oppressing the Palestinian people and other people of color around the world. We must awaken to this fact and understand the hidden strategies and tactics being utilized to subjugate our people in order to devise effective counter-measures to neutralize them."


  • August 21, 1998 – "National Magazine [sic] and Newspapers are owned or controlled by American Jews. There are American Zionists now in control of many agencies in the U.S. Government. The U.S. State Department is in complete control by the American Jewry. This takeover began with Henry Kissinger and is now in the hands of Jewess Madeleine Albright."

[Press Release]

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