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Alex Linder / Vanguard News Network (VNN)

Alex Linder, of Kirksville, Missouri, is a neo-Nazi who runs Vanguard News Network (VNN), one of the most active white supremacist sites on the Internet.

Ernst Zundel
Residence: Kirksville, Missouri
Extremist Affiliations: Vanguard News Network – Webmaster; The Aryan Alternative – Publisher; White Freedom Party – Founder; National Alliance – Former member
Ideology: Neo-Nazism, Holocaust denial

Vanguard News Network (VNN):
Online since: 2000
Contents: Neo-Nazi news and opinion pieces, chat rooms, message boards

Alex Linder
Personal Background
In a 2003 interview, Linder claimed to have grown up as an "upper-middle-class suburban kid," who graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, CA in 1988. He worked as a researcher for a short time at the Evans & Novak political show on CNN, and at the American Spectator magazine, but left both jobs after finding them unreceptive to his "racist satire of Jews and minorities." After a period of working in the publishing industry, he launched the online Vanguard News Network in 2000.

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Linder is a white supremacist, anti-Semite and neo-Nazi. He counts among his influences William Pierce of the National Alliance, evolutionary psychologist Kevin MacDonald, and Revilo Oliver, the 1950s and 1960s-era anti-Semitic and racist ideologue.

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Extremist Affiliations
In January 2005 Linder announced the establishment of a new organization, the White Freedom Party. A bare-bones Web page devoted to the organization describes it as "America's first political party advocating Aryan interests and specifically naming the jew (sic) as the agent of White genocide and greatest obstacle to our people's self-preservation as a distinct and protected people." By June 2005 Linder had failed to release any more information on the party, which may never have progressed beyond the planning stage.

Linder was formerly a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. He left the organization after other members opposed his decision to allow criticism of the group to appear on Vanguard News Network (VNN) forums. VNN has since become a major outlet for white supremacists critical of the National Alliance. Linder also publishes The Aryan Alternative.

Linder is not currently affiliated with any other extremist or nationalist groups.

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Linder In His Own Words
"Whites already know blacks are stupid, violent, destructive apelike creatures. That is why Whites move away from them -- always. "
June 7, 2005

"[Jews] are nation wreckers. We WHITE MEN created the nations they wreck. It is time for us to engage in wrecking of our own. DEATH TO THE JEWS."
May 1, 2005

"What Holocaust? It never happened. It's a Big Lie….It is propaganda made possible by jewish [sic] control of the media and the governments of the West. It is used by jews [sic] to steal billions of dollars from honest White men, and those dollars are used to hasten whites toward their genocide. "
May 2005

"Jews lie as reflexively and unthinkingly as humans breathe. "
March 24, 2005

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Vanguard News Network (VNN)
Vanguard News Network was started August 2000 by Linder and a partner, Regina Besler. Linder soon took complete control of the Web site. Though originally VNN disseminated National Alliance (NA) propaganda, Linder's refusal to quash criticism of the NA on VNN forums led him to resign his membership in the NA and stop participating in its campaigns. VNN is now an independent white supremacist site.

The Web site consists of two parts: a news section, where Linder posts news articles and opinion pieces of relevance to white supremacists, and an online message forum, where white supremacists from around the world can post messages and engage in on-line discussions and debates.

The ideology that Linder has sought to infuse into his site is exemplified by VNN's header: "No Jews, Just Right." The site's content is extremely anti-Semitic and racist, and tends to denigrate women. Mr. Linder considers his postings on VNN to be a form of satirical humor, but they are generally considered crude, even within the white supremacist community. Nevertheless, friction and changes in the white supremacist movement have contributed to a marked increase in VNN's popularity. VNN's forum is one of the few extremist online message boards that allows, or even encourages, criticism of the white power movement, its leaders and organizations. It seems likely that the VNN forum will continue to be an important component of the online white supremacist movement.

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The Aryan Alternative
Illustration on the Zundelsite
Aryan Alternative
The Aryan Alternative is a tabloid publication launched in October of 2004 by Alex Linder and former Klan leader Glen Miller. Linder claims that The Aryan Alternative has a print run of approximately 50,000 copies. Though it is available by mail and over the Internet, white supremacists have distributed it in numerous suburban communities in late-night driveway distribution runs. Its masthead states that it is intended to inspire white men and women to “defend their racial interests.” As of November 2005 it had printed three issues.

Like its parent Website, Vanguard News Network, The Aryan Alternative (TAA) is a platform for vicious racism and anti-Semitism. A recent issue attacked black victims of hurricane Katrina as a “sweating mob of subhumanity” whose televised images demonstrate the “eternal truth” that “it is race, not place, that matters” (emphasis in original). Another article hyped the danger that Mexican immigrants – who it alleges carry all manner of “dread diseases” – pose to white Americans. A third article alleged that Jews have been responsible for killing 600 million white men over the course of the twentieth century as part of a “Talmudic mission” to exterminate the white race.

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Alex Linder
Personal Background
Extremist Affiliations
In His Own Words
Vanguard News Network
The Aryan Alternative

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