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David Duke

Throughout his career as a anti-Semite and white supremacist, David Duke has cultivated relationships with a number of domestic and international extremists, whom he promotes and works alongside. Duke has also invited several of these individuals to speak at conferences that he organizes to stoke anti-Semitism and racism.

Most notably, Duke has a long-standing relationship with Don Black, another former Klansman who has for over a decade operated Stormfront, the largest and most popular extremist Internet forum. Duke often appears on Stormfront’s Internet radio program with Black, and Duke has a weekly commentary on Stormfront radio’s “Town Hall” segment. Duke invites him to speak at conferences that Duke organizes under the auspices of his European American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO); Black has, in turn, advertised Duke’s events on Stormfront. Duke has been a member of Stormfront since 2004 and has made over 1,600 posts to the forum. Black is considered a protégé of Duke, having taken over Duke’s leadership position in the Louisiana-based Knights of the Ku Klux Klan group when Duke left in 1980. Black is also married to Duke’s ex-wife.

In addition to appearing on Internet radio with Black, Duke gives interviews on television and Internet and AM radio shows hosted by virulent anti-Semites and white supremacists. He has appeared on the Political Cesspool, an AM and Internet radio show hosted by white supremacist James Edwards, who has interviewed a wide array of extremists on air. Additionally, Duke has given interviews to Oregon-based anti-Semite Ted Pike, who believes that Jews are engaged in a conspiracy for world-wide domination, specifically control of the American government, media, and financial institutions.

Duke has been a guest on Current Issues, a Louisiana-based local cable television program hosted by anti-Semite Hesham Tillawi. The show has featured numerous guests espousing anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and Holocaust denial conspiracy theories. On the show, Duke tried to convince his audience that the U.S. has more to fear from Jews and Israel than from Muslim extremists.

Duke has also made public an alliance he formed with Ed Fields, an anti-Semitic propagandist who has been active in the white supremacist movement since the late 1950s. In the August 2008 issue of Duke’s newsletter, the David Duke Report, he announced a merger with Fields’s publication and Fields’s new membership in EURO.  Duke wrote that the merger will “make it easier for patriots to network in the efforts ahead to take our country back!” In an article Fields wrote announcing the alliance, he described Duke as “the man…who is accomplishing the most for our people and the man who has done more to oppose the Jewish extremists than any other person…”

Extremists from the United States and around the world have attended Duke’s EURO conferences. In addition to attending his events, several of these individuals have given speeches supportive of Duke’s ideology. The list of these affiliates and supporters includes the now-deceased John Tyndall, founder of the British National Party; neo-Nazi Kevin Alfred Strom; Don Black; virulent anti-Semite Willis Carto, who publishes the anti-Semitic newspaper American Free Press and The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial publication; anti-Semitic attorney Edgar J. Steele; Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf; Nick Griffin and Simon Darby from the far-right British National Party; Karl Richter and Marcus Haverkamp from Germany's far-right National Democratic Party (NPD); Jean-Michel Girard of France's far-right National Front; and other similar figures.

David Duke
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