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David Duke

For over forty years, anti-Semite and white supremacist David Duke has founded and led groups dedicated to promoting an anti-Semitic and white supremacist ideology. Through his leadership of these organizations, Duke has and continues to convene meetings, produce documents, and make posts to the Web that demonize Jews and other minorities. Most of these organizations were not viable organizations in their own right, but existed only to help provide Duke a platform for self-promotion and the spread of his racist and anti-Semitic viewpoints.

Duke currently leads the European American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), a Louisiana-based group created in 2001. Under the EURO name, Duke organizes conferences that bring together anti-Semites and racists from around the globe. Included in the group’s Web site are numerous anti-Semitic and racist articles and posts; two sections are entitled “white papers” and “jewish supremacism.” The Web site also provides links to the Web sites of several other anti-Semitic and racist entities, including the neo-Nazi National Alliance and the Holocaust denial publication The Barnes Review.

EURO was formerly called the National Organization for European American Rights (NOFEAR), which Duke founded in January 2000 and initially described as a "civil rights" organization fighting alleged "massive discrimination" faced by whites from the nation's growing population of minorities. In June 2001, threatened by a trademark lawsuit, Duke renamed his group the European-American Rights Organization.

Comparing NOFEAR to contemporary civil rights groups, Duke said that he formed the organization to address “European American” concerns. “Just as African Americans have the NAACP and Mexican Americans have La Raza,” Duke said, “European-Americans now have the National Organization for European American Rights, to actively defend their rights and heritage in the United States.” 

According to Duke, “European Americans face a situation where we’re going to be outnumbered and outvoted in our own country.” He cited low birthrates, interracial marriages and immigration rates as key factors reducing the white population. The NOFEAR home page stated that “the civil rights of European Americans are being violated by affirmative action, forced integration and anti-European immigration policies.…We face cultural discrimination in the media and education.…An example is the media hate crime hysteria that highlights and publicizes any white crime against minorities.”

At the launching of NOFEAR, Duke told reporters at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that the alleged ongoing destruction of white people was a “genocide.” In a January 2000 letter to the Louisiana-based Shreveport Times rebutting a critical editorial, Duke described European Americans as “internally displaced people” entitled to the same consideration as refugees.

David Duke
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