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David Duke

David Duke has always been adept at modifying his tactics to further the white supremacist agenda. In addition to his work in the United States, he has traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe and Russia to spread his message and gain support. Duke also takes advantage of technology to disseminate his ideology on the Internet and on Internet radio programs. He both organizes and attends conferences that attract extremists from the United States and Europe for the purposes of demonizing non-whites and Jews. In his books, articles, and newsletter, Duke reiterates his ideas and discusses the ways in which he works to spread them. Additionally, Duke has made repeated attempts to enter mainstream American politics—or attract mainstream attention—by running for various political offices. 

Duke has spent a significant amount of time pursuing the spotlight and a new receptive audience in Eastern Europe. He has traveled throughout several countries making speeches to promote his ideology and works. Taking advantage of the social, political and economic instabilities that resulted from the demise of the Soviet Union, Duke has reinforced racist and anti-Semitic canards to a receptive audience. He has been able to portray the ills of Eastern Europe, past, present and even future as the fault of, primarily, the Jews.  

Even though Duke spends much time attracting a following abroad, his judicious use of the Internet makes it appear that he is never far from his home audience. Technology allows Duke to post material and update the several Web sites he runs from anywhere in the world. Similarly, his interviews on domestic extremist radio shows and daily commentary appearing on Stormfront radio (an Internet radio program hosted on a popular extremist forum) keep him in front of a domestic audience.

Another way in which Duke seeks the spotlight in the United States is by organizing and attending racist and anti-Semitic conferences. Under the auspices of his European Unity and Rights Organization (EURO), Duke has organized meetings that bring together neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and white supremacists from around the globe to speak and strategize.

Duke has written articles, books, and other publications in which he spreads his views and attempts to engender hatred in others for minorities and Jews. In Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question, a book he wrote in 2002, Duke discussed the "Jewish threat," and offered misreadings of the Talmud and Bible in an attempt to portray contemporary Jews as haters of non-Jews and plotters of the downfall of non-Jewish culture. In December 2007, Duke re-released an “updated and expanded” version of the book and wrote on his Web site, “Specifically, Jewish Supremacism examines a long record of Jewish supremacist ideology and history that have had a powerful and damaging effect on both the Jewish and Gentile world.” His new preface was aimed at attacking the Chabad-Lubavitch movement as a manifestation of “Jewish supremacism.”  Since its original publication, Duke has sought to have the book translated and reprinted in a variety of different languages.

Duke has capitalized on the media attention he receives for himself and his views as a political candidate. To that end, he has made repeated attempts to gain elective office at the state and national levels. In his writings, on the Web, and in interviews, Duke still draws on his time spent in the late 1980s as a member of the Louisiana State Legislature to call himself a Representative, attempting to gain a more legitimate public face.

David Duke
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