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Don Black / Stormfront

Don Black promotes a racist and anti-Semitic ideology. Though he claims to be a “white nationalist,” not a hatemonger, his idea of “white pride” involves demeaning and demonizing Jews and non-whites, and his concept of “victory” for whites includes the creation of ethnically cleansed living spaces.

The Stormfront symbol, Celtic Cross Surrounded by the Phrase 'White Pride World Wide'

To support his racist views, Black argues that blacks and non-white immigrants are increasing in numbers and committing crimes, thereby depriving whites of their majority and power in society. During a speech he gave at a white supremacist conference in November 2008, Black explained that “white Americans are fed up with black crime, immigration, and now they are backed into a corner…their country is being taken away from them and they will fight back…we will provide them with those answers.”

In addition to demonizing blacks and immigrants, Black targets Jews as the cause of societal ills. For example, in the wake of the financial crisis that began in September 2008, Black intimated, on an Internet radio show that he co-hosts, that the Jews are “who’s really behind all of these problems…” He also viewed the scandal as the catalyst that will make others realize “who’s behind a lot of these problems.” He reiterated the opportunity for extremists to “provide answers” for others and explained:

That’s pretty much the psychology is that whatever’s good for Jews is all we have to worry about…It [sic] think a lot of people will be waking up as to who’s really behind all of these problems, so it’s up to us to understand that they ensure the full truth and what’s really going on, so that’s the purpose of programs like this…We are reaching more people and it’s up to all of us to ensure that we continue to reach more people with our message and the truth behind what’s really going on…they’re looking for answers, so it’s up to us to provide them for them.

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