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Hal Turner
Violent Rhetoric
Ad selling 'The JENA-6 Style Noose' on Turner's Web site

Like many other extremists, Turner has exploited current events to spread his hateful message and justify calls for violence against his enemies and minorities in general. In March 2009, in response to the financial crisis, Turner announced the launch of the “Vigilante Justice Game.” Turner explained that he would post pictures, home addresses, and phone numbers of executives he felt were connected to the crisis and designate those individuals as “deserving vigilante justice.” Turner bragged about using his radio show “for the purpose of inciting violence against those who caused the financial mess” and stated that “vigilantes like me will be coming for those folks …to lynch the people who did this.”

Turner also commented on the October 2008 arrest of two racist skinheads planning a “killing spree” that would have involved assassinating then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, killing 88 people and beheading 14 African-Americans. In a post to his Web site, Turner said that there “are plenty more skinheads where those came from” and he would not be upset if others were successful.

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