Ingrid Rimland

According to an autobiography posted on her Internet site, Ingrid Rimland became a "marginal celebrity" before she met Ernst Zundel. She had several novels to her credit and a burgeoning speaking career about such subjects as special education -- she holds an Ed.D. and raised a developmentally disabled child -- and her experiences as a young woman of German descent who grew up in Paraguay and then came to America.

Nevertheless, Rimland did not achieve notoriety in earnest until late 1995, when she became the Webmaster of, one of the earliest Internet Web sites devoted to the rehabilitation of the reputation of Adolf Hitler and the denial of the genocide of European Jewry during World War II. Although Rimland and Zundel told a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in 1997 that Rimland was the sole proprietor of the Zundelsite, other evidence suggests she has worked quite closely with Zundel on the site, and that he paid her a monthly fee for her efforts. More recently, Rimland and Zundel married and moved to Tennessee.

During the past several years Rimland has expanded and transformed the Zundelsite. Its library of Holocaust denial materials are grouped into "courses"; a visitor who clicks on "Revisionism 101" is directed to "basic revisionist articles offered as a detoxification program to cure the politically correct of the Hollywood version of the Holocaust." "Revisionism 201" and "Revisionism 301" are also available. The site was recently integrated into a online network of Holocaust denial that includes the pages of Bradley Smith, the Institute for Historical Review, the Adelaide Institute in Australia, and the Belgian VHO (Vrij Historisch Onderzoek). Each now shares a common menu that provides easy access to the contents of all the sites.

Rimland has also become known for her "ZGrams," daily columns (distributed through a listserv) that cheerlead for Zundel and other deniers and offer conspiratorial commentary. The "ZGram" of April 26, 1999, is characteristic. Responding to (incorrect) reports that the two teenage killers in the then-recent massacre at Columbine High School were motivated in part by a preoccupation with Hitler and Nazism, she wrote:

These were not manly Aryan teenagers -- these were punks acting like extras out of one of those horrible Hollywood psycho-thrillers! ....They were and are not Hitler's children! They are the product of democracy's failure to provide decent role models to young people...Don't blame Hitler -- he had no hand in raising them! ....Had these two punkers been given correct information about a genuine contemporary moral leader...these youngsters would have known that once there lived a well-bred Aryan man who thoroughly despised all mind games with a brutal and satanic twist, decried all aberrant, unhealthy sexuality, [and] had no use whatsoever for Marilyn Manson shock rock....

The argument is seamlessly of a piece with Holocaust denial: if only these two teenagers had been Nazis, they never would have been mass murderers.