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Jared Taylor/American Renaissance

Jared Taylor promotes his white supremacist ideas primarily through the print publication American Renaissance, its companion Website and the biennial American Renaissance conferences. Taylor serves as the editor of American Renaissance and frequently contributes lengthy articles and book reviews to its pages.  Many issues appear to be little more than his personal reflections on the state of race relations in contemporary America.

The American Renaissance Website consists mostly of links to daily news items with terse headlines that reflect the site’s racist sensibility. The site also posts articles describing attacks by blacks against whites, generally involving rape, murder or both, and sells video and audio tapes of presentations from past American Renaissance conferences. The Website also promotes a variety of books extolling racist views.

Taylor’s ties to a variety of racist organizations and individuals serve as an additional vehicle for him to promote his views. For example, he is on the editorial advisory board of Citizens Informer, the newspaper of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens and has contributed writings to The Occidental Quarterly, a racist journal.

Taylor has had some success in his efforts to gain exposure in mainstream media and universities. In these outlets, as in others, he presents himself as a legitimate scholar and has been abetted in this regard by hosts who have introduced him only as the editor of American Renaissance without providing any background on the publication or its contents. His appearance as a guest commentator on CNN’s Paula Zahn Now in December 2006 is one example; he was also on The Queen Latifah Show in December 2000.

In 2007, Taylor generated significant publicity in the Canadian media through a canceled debate on racial diversity with David Divine, a professor of black Canadian studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and he also spoke at Clemson University in South Carolina at the invitation of the Clemson Conservatives, a student group.

Jared Taylor/
American Renaissance
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